Thursday, March 29, 2007

Awkward is as awkward does...

It's too late for a full-out entry, and Loquatia's having enough trouble sleeping as is. That said:

-Group is awesome. They make me laugh. Alas, I can no longer talk about my actual communication problems because most of them involve either how I might talk to a guy about relationship stuff. And I can't ask a group of mostly males how to talk about male-female interactions with males. So awesome, but useless. Is that okay?

-Awkward: Guys talking about stuff that gets tossed in the urinals. And knowing that it's totally your fault for mentioning Fruit Loop target practice at daycare.

-More awkward: Getting asked by someone you are dating "So what would you want your wedding to be like?" This is awkward no matter how hypothetical it is. It will continue to be awkward until you are actually planning a real wedding with the person.

-Even more awkward: Saying "Hmm, that's a little gay" as in, that thing reeks of homosexual undertones, then discovering, whoops, damn, your boyfriend's friend, whom you are meeting for the first time, is a homosexual. I'm sorry! I try not to stereotype people as homosexual if they lisp! No one warned me! Gah...

-Probably the most awkward EVER: Two guys talking about sex in front of you, in a totally casual tone, as you sit there awkwardly playing with your hair with a very intent look on your face, silently cursing yourself for mentioning how you first met your hall president when he was going door-to-door looking for a spooning partner for a friend of his, because it is totally inadvertently your fault that you are using your hair as a curtain to hide the blushing.

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