Thursday, March 15, 2007

And now, your daily dose of TMI!

Okay, I really like Writer Guy and we're "official" now, on Facebook and everything, and I had a lot of fun today when we hung out all afternoon and wandered around the mall and went to the orchard by the graveyard and sat on the little dock and talked (shut up, in my hometown, there's not that much to do), and we did at least watch classic Star Trek episodes like Mirror, Mirror and The Trouble With Tribbles until I expected my dad to get home so we weren't sword fighting in the mud the WHOLE time, and no, there is absolutely no innuendo there at all, we bought foam swords and were totally running around the muddy apple orchards pretending to be pirates.

He was winning until I backed him into a huge pile of mud, then we decided he had lost because I wasn't wearing Tevas filled with muck. Victory is mine!

But yes, anyway, there was a point. I really like him and all and I don't have that much experience in this area, actually I have almost no experience, but OH MY GOD there has to be a way to kiss that isn't so messy.

My Deadly Sins
Sloth: 80%
Greed: 60%
Lust: 40%
Pride: 40%
Envy: 20%
Gluttony: 0%
Wrath: 0%
Chance I'll Go to Hell: 34%
I will die sitting on my parents' couch, watching Star Trek.

1 comment:

ian said...

Nope. It just gets messier from here on out. Like any intergalactic hitchhiker, it's important for you to know where your towel is at all times.