Saturday, March 3, 2007

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."

Classes weren't canceled for the snow, today, but they were cancelled when it turned to rain and the streets became rivers of slush. So I had to go to Chemistry, but luckily for me Latin was canceled (luckily because I had forgotten to do my homework. I've not exactly been "focused on schoolwork" this week, in case you couldn't tell).

So I spent the afternoon hanging out and watching an old Wishbone episode Mistake found for me, and I ate dinner with some of Loquatia's friends, including this one girl Loquatia knows from... tennis? I think, anyway. Not sure. But Comisa (which is going to be her name, I see her enough that she probably needs one, and that means "friendly," by the way), who reminds me vaguely of both Mistake and a girl I know from high school, invited both of us to watch movies in Englehardt; I admit, I totally didn't go because I was thinking that I wanted to talk to Writer Guy.

In the end, he couldn't talk long, but it was okay because Mistake called and we went to see The Holiday, which is a good movie, and, in my opinion, more my thing that V for Vendetta, which is what Comisa and Loquatia saw.

However, the night brought cold and now the streets are solid ice, under which lurks very deep puddles. Fun.


So... I don't know why I'm nervous. If there was ever a date to not be nervous about, this is it. At this point he knows about my interest in serial killers, my obsession with X-men and with classical myth; he knows about my weird religious beliefs and that I'm a libertarian and I believe in Atlantis but not Roswell because I don't think the government's that competent. He's read my writing, which reveals more about me than I usually care to show. He knows about my suicide attempt and that I'm kind of antisocial and that I haven't really dated much, or even made that many friends since I came to college. He figured out my greatest weakness, my biggest flaw, almost immediately (then again, I do sort of wear that one on my sleeve).

Heck, he managed to compliment the one Facebook picture that I really think is me at my ultimate worst, the one I sooooo want the girl who Comisa reminds me of to take down because I look 20 lbs heavier than I was, and I was 25 lbs heavier then than I am now, and my hair's a morning-after-prom mess and I have bags under my eyes that you could pack a mule with because the girl kept Mistake up talking and the two of them kept me up until six in the freakin' morning. Yeah, he complimented that one.

So basically this kid knows every single skeleton in my closet except the unfortunate duck-squishing incident of '91, which I'm sure will come up sooner or later, and he asked me out after knowing most of it and I haven't managed to scare him off yet so honestly, I shouldn't be nervous, because I think this is one of the few people in the world who won't get scared off no matter how honest and blunt I am.

Shrewd thinks that his calm acceptance of my oddities is a sign that he is, in fact, completely insane, and I should prepare myself accordingly by bringing a mace. No, not mace. A mace. As in, large and unwieldy medieval weaponry.

Can you tell that neither of us has been out dating much? I can.

I Am a German Shepherd Puppy

Intelligent, quick witted, and a bit aggressive.
I've got the jaw power to take a bite out of anyone I choose.


Make A Mistake 06 said...

I feel like your dating purity score should have been higher then mine, and yet I scored a 95%. Please explain?

Basiorana said...

I've dated someone of a different race, sort of (Andy), and I've dated older and younger than me (haven't you just dated younger?). You have more experience but your relationships tend to head along the same lines.

Make A Mistake 06 said...

No, I have dated older.