Sunday, March 25, 2007

Steve Isn't Allowed To Share Dreams Any More

Happy Hilaria, all. This is a continuation of the festival of Attis and Cybele. Today, the pine tree of Attis would have been uncovered and erected in the forum, and decorated (*cough*christmas*cough*). There would be a sacramental meal and much joy and feasting.

The poor schmucks who castrated themselves yesterday dress in women's clothing and wear perfume, too.


I did my kinorhyncha project today, and went to the review. I feel a little better about this Chem test having gone, because my professor made it seem a lot less scary and impossible.

Incidentally, he also mentioned that he'd spoken to the sub we had a few weeks back. That professor described the 10 AM Chem class as, and I quote, "the worst class I have ever had to teach in my thirty years as a professor."



I have decided, in the least creepy and most hypothetical sense possible, that Writer Guy and I should never, ever have children. Why? This conversation:

WriterGuy: The name Nikephoros pops up a lot [in Byzantine history], too.
Basiorana: ...I now know what I want to name my firstborn son.
Basiorana: (it is a male name?)
WriterGuy: Nikephoros is a male name.
Basiorana: And it is an awesome one.
WriterGuy: Nikephoros Phokas was a great general and Emperor.
WriterGuy: I like Andronikos, too.
Basiorana: Plus, they can totally be shortened to Nick and Andy so it's not like the child will need therapy on the basis of the moniker!
WriterGuy: I still say Constantine is a badass name.
Basiorana: It is badass, mostly because of Constantine from the movies who fought demons, but I bet it would become Connie.
Basiorana: And Connie is a bit effeminate.
WriterGuy: Mm. Damn.
WriterGuy: Nikephoros though has a nice ring to it.
Basiorana: I'd totally name a kid Clytemnestra if I didn't think the namesake was a bad omen.
WriterGuy: Clytemnestra unfortunately sounds like a venereal disease.
Basiorana: It does?
Basiorana: Never mind.
WriterGuy: What about naming my kid Lord Zarkon the Unholy [His Last Name]?
Basiorana: I knew a kid named Lord once.
Basiorana: You would naturally have to push for "Zarkon" to be the main name.
Basiorana: I was thinking Zanthar Lord Of the Universe had a nice ring.
WriterGuy: What about "Lothar of the Hill People?"
Basiorana: Hill People = Hillbillies.
Basiorana: She-Ra Queen of Amazonia.
WriterGuy: Lord General Supreme Commander Kahless the Immortal.
Basiorana: Xanthu Destroyer of Worlds.
WriterGuy: I can't believe it's not.
WriterGuy: As in "I Can't Believe It's Not [His Last Name]."
Basiorana: Oooo... cruel and unusual.
WriterGuy: Michael Hunt is still one of my favorites. [Think about it... Mike...]
Basiorana: Ty Barrette was a bad one.
WriterGuy: Theoretically there could be a Korean named Fakk Yu.
Basiorana: There probably is, it doesn't mean the same thing there.
WriterGuy: There was some show on Comedy Central a few years ago that did a thing on this.
Basiorana: Parents who hate their children?
WriterGuy: Really horrible names.
Basiorana: To-may-to, to-mah-to.

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