Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow, a LONG post!

Today is the Feriae Latinae, the Latin Festival, which took place on the summit of Mt. Alba, thirteen miles to the southeast of Rome. It was a festival to honor Jupiter/Zeus Latiaris.

It's also the Lavatio Magnae Materi, the washing of the cult statue of Cybele. Apparently she needed a bath after all those dudes castrated themselves at her feet.


My brain currently feels exactly like I imagine a fried egg feels like. I've been really flakey all day, first when I was talking to Writer Guy after my Chem exam and then again after English, and then when I managed to forget about my Chem lab, despite the fact that it's a weekly thing and not the sort of thing I usually space on.

Okay, rewind. So the Chem test wasn't too bad... I got there and couldn't find my note card with like... all the answers on it... (LOVE easygoing teachers) so I thought I had left it in my room. This was at 12:40, when the exam began. I asked the TA who was proctoring if I could run back to Hubbard and fetch the card from my room. She agreed, but warned me that I was not going to be allowed to have extra time in the end. I agreed and sprinted back across College Road and up three flights of stairs to my room, which I proceeded to tear apart in a frenzy as I searched for the card. Finding nothing, I returned five minutes later, and saw it in the bottom of my book bag.


Anyway, I took it, and I missed the last of the 10 problems as I couldn't remember how to prove the pH and the pOH added together equals fourteen. But oh well, four points won't kill me and I probably passed, at least.


English... oh, English. She's assigned a new essay, due a week from today, on "anything." That's right, anything. PYO Topic. Only I can't think of anything. Plus she challenged me to write using more of my own voice and less of a literary style, which basically meant using the same intimacy in my tone that I use here, on my blog. So I have to find a topic that works well in this style, which means it should probably be funny. I'm thinking about talking about my one day as a door-to-door environmentalist. Mostly to submit a paper involving the line "Holy shit, she sicced the dogs on me!"


After I returned to my dorm I had the following exchange on AIM with my father, which did not help my mood at all:

Daddy: I was talking to your Aunt J---- and we have discovered that the son of an old friend of ours goes to UNH and is your age. His name is -------. You should look him up and use this connection as a conversation starter, J---- tells me he is quite good looking. Oops, I'm channeling your mother.

Basiorana: I have a boyfriend! And I know that kid, anyway, he's in my English class. We peer-edit together all the time. [and he's not that cute, by the way, because I know you wanted to know-- didn't say that though!]

Daddy:I don't think it wise that you are in an exclusive relationship with someone you have only been on a few dates with, especially someone who is graduating next year.

Basiorana: Yes, but he's staying in Durham!

Daddy has logged off.

Great. So now I get to deal with the fact that my father doesn't approve of my boyfriend on top of everything else. Or, more specifically, doesn't approve of my having a boyfriend. And yes, I get that most people don't wind up dating someone exclusively after only a couple dates. But we were also talking together like, every single night on AIM so it's not quite a normal relationship start like he's thinking of it anyway.

Besides, this is a step up for me. My last relationship was just after high school and we were "exclusive" right from day one.

And the fact that he's graduating? What does that matter? He'll be around for another year, and even if he wasn't, wouldn't that just solve the other thing he was complaining about by causing us to break up? I don't do long-distance relationships very well... What does he think I'm gonna do, drop out of school and marry the guy?

Besides, honestly? If I had any other prospects I might not have agreed to date Writer Guy exclusively right off. I probably would have eventually done so, because I like him and we get along great, but maybe not right then. But as far as I'm concerned, I wasn't dating anyone else then and I wouldn't be dating anyone else now, either, so if he wants to be official then why bother to make it otherwise?

I'm not looking forward to going home. I'm expecting the Spanish Inquisition.*


Anyway, about 5:58 I remembered that duh, I have a lab Tuesday nights, and I felt like an idiot. Flaky like a pastry crust. With my prelab undone, of course, I dashed off a quick "I just remembered I have a lab like, NOW! Shit!" to Writer Guy and quickly printed out the week's procedures before sprinting across the street, popping gum in my mouth as I went because I hadn't thought to eat dinner early like I usually do.

Lab was... miserable. I can only say: Titrations. Chem students will understand. Boring, tedious, takes forever... I got out right at nine, having exhausted what few brain cells I have left after the Chem test. Maritima was also out of it today, so between the two of us and a bunch of bases and acids I am stunned that no one lost an arm.


I'm meeting Writer Guy's friends (okay, only one friend, but whatever) on Thursday. This is Significant because it means he's not like, ashamed to be seen with me or anything. Not that... I was expecting that or anything...

So yeah, got to make a good impression, etc, etc. And then it's my turn to show off the fact that I have a Someone to my friends, which is to say, Mistake and Closer, as soon as I can actually get in touch with one of them and ask them if they're free sometime soon. He also wants to meet Loquatia, on account of not actually believing that a human being can get all the way through high school and be as uncorrupted and sheltered as she is. Don't worry. I made him promise not to scar her or anything. He wasn't even planning it.

I don't think.

I Am Spider-Man

Quick and agile, I have killer instincts (literally).
And that kind of makes up for the whole creepy spider thing.

*But Basio, NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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