Friday, March 2, 2007

At last

"Ajax, now, went down with his long-oared fleet. First Poseidon drove him onto the cliffs of Gyrae, looming cliffs, then saved him from the breakers-- he'd have escaped his doom, too, despite Athena's hate, if he hadn't flung that brazen boast, the mad blind fool. 'In the teeth of the gods,' he bragged, 'I have escaped the ocean's sheer abyss!' Poseidon heard that frantic vaunt and the god grasped his trident in both his massive hands and struck the Gyraen headland, hacked the rock in two, and the giant stump stood fast but the jagged spur where Ajax perched at first, the raving madman-- toppling into the sea, it plunged him down, down in the vast seething depths. And so he died, having drunk his fill of brine." ~The Odyssey, IV. 560

My Betta fish Ajax finally died last night. He was at least nine months old and had had both his eyes popped out, a flesh-eating fungus consume his face, and a hole in his lip that made it difficult for him to eat. He was past his time; I've been expecting him to die for quite some time now. I'm just glad I didn't have to euthanize him.

I thought the quote appropriate, especially that last line. It wasn't brine, but I'd say Ajax has drunk his fill.

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