Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"Fine, the zucchini can have his damn rocket boots."*

I hate being sick. Especially since I'm desperately trying to get well before tomorrow night. I felt better today, though, or at least differently ill; I can breathe, and my fever is down, but my throat hurts like hell. This is possibly related to the fact that last night I was breathing through my mouth and I dried out my throat, but meh.

Anyway, skipped Chemistry today, because yeah, not sitting through that class and I needed sleep; I had to go to Bio lab, though, because I can't easily make it up. The trouble was that this week's lab was in the greenhouses, which are out past A-lot at the edge of oblivi- er, campus. It wasn't as crazy-cold today as yesterday but it wasn't exactly toasty either, so despite the hot peppermint tea I was drinking to help my throat and the fact that I was spilling at least as much on my hands as entered my mouth I was practically frozen by the time I entered the greenhouses.

That said... Despite being sick, I must say, if you ever go to UNH for some reason during the greenhouse's open house (which, by the way, is 9 to 4 on Friday, March 31st and Saturday, April 1), check it out; it's awesome. The room we were in had enormous cacti and flowering cacti and every kind of carnivorous plant imaginable, and orange trees and lemon trees and a banana tree that wasn't fruiting but still looked very cool; there was a full-grown palm tree and a little pond with goldfish in it and a Birds of Paradise plant, which I haven't seen since we saw that tropical garden on Capri in Italy. The diversity in that small space is awesome; plus, I have always liked carnivorous plants.

Anyway, yeah, very cool lab despite my feeling like I just wanted to collapse the whole time...

I'm going to bed.

I am a Self-Discoverer

I'm not religious, but I've created my own kind of spirituality.
Introspective and thoughtful, I tend to look inward for the divine.
I am distrusting of all forms of organized religion.
I especially dislike religious gurus and leaders, who I feel are charlatans.

*Not a fortune, I didn't get one today-- but I thougt it was pretty funny...

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Make A Mistake 06 said...

I had to leave school today because appearantly I have pneumonia. Isn't that sad? I guess I really should have skipped class yesterday.