Sunday, March 18, 2007

Late to bed again...

Back at school at last.

It was decided today that since I'm going back home tomorrow evening for my great-aunt's wake (she lived only one town over from me), I should just take the car to campus, then drive back tomorrow after Latin, then have my folks bring me back here. I was planning to park in A-lot, the visitor's lot.

Things I didn't consider/know:

- A-lot is on the other side of campus. Not cool.
- A-lot has a winter parking ban in effect. You can't park there overnight in the winter in case it snows.
- A-lot ALSO requires permits in general for overnight parking, or I'd have to move it by 8 AM. Which would require waking up by 8 AM.
- UNH loves towing cars that are not parked in the right spot.

Thank god I happened to mention that I was worried about it getting towed to Writer Guy (I'll give him a Latinized name eventually, I need to think of one), and he suggested that I just park it at his place overnight. Uhm, yeah, total lifesaver. Or at least, prevented me from getting a ticket and having to get my car out of an impound lot.

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ian said...

How about Scriptorvir? That's Writer Man. Or if you think he's more juvenile than that, Scriptorpuer (which is a mouthful), which means Writer Boy.