Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"I totally fail at pinecone hunting!"

Today is a day to leave sacrifices at the tombs of your ancestors. Well, graves, for us. Not a lot of "tombs" today.

It's also the birth date of Sol/Helios and Luna/Selene, the sun and the moon. Incidentally, until about 336 CE, this was the Nativity of Jesus as well. Besides the significance of Jesus being born on the same day as the sun was thought to have been created by the Romans, there's the fact that Jesus' birthday moves. I actually would rather believe it was today, though, because it makes more sense. I mean, that they would celebrate it at this time, when it actually occurred, and then moved it to midwinter to prevent people from celebrating pagan solstice holidays.


There were leeches in Biology lab today... I gave my presentation on kinorhynchs, those fascinating little mud dragons (dripping with sarcasm here), and I only started stammering a couple times, so despite the fact that apparently the professor only heard every fifth word that came out of my mouth at a very low volume, I think it was okay.

Sort of.

Anyway, then we were studying worms, including flatworms (Planaria are so cute!), roundworms (freakin' SCARY under a microscope), and segmented worms, including leeches.

Let me explain. I'm petrified of leeches. Very few things gross me out; I don't mind most bugs and I played with a tarantula today (she's part of next week's lab but the TAs were playing with her). I can handle mosquitoes and needles and I can handle earthworms. But two things really gross me out. One of them is ticks, and the other is leeches. And the latter was part of the lab today.

I mean, I bit my lip and drew the stupid thing, but that was only because it was firmly contained in a jar of water with a tightly attached lid. But ohhhh, I hate leeches.


So Loquatia was talking on the phone today (I can't help eavesdropping! It's a small room!), and she was talking about this ID thing she went to last night. Apparently the guy mostly confused her, because he was talking about science, so she decided that she wanted to review arguments that weren't so sciency, and were by Young Earth creationists so they actually went over the "evidence" for Genesis as opposed to just talking about how there needed to be some creator, any creator. So she asked her folks to send her some stuff by Kent Hovind.


Kent Hovind.

As in, the one guy less credible on the subject of the origin of life than that crazy hobo I saw once on a city street with a sign saying "God's a pervert-- he's WATCHING you."

As in, the guy that creationists say "[does] the creationist cause no good." Even creationists don't buy the shit this guy makes up. He got his doctorate in Christian Education from an unaccredited college in a freakin' trailer and says he's capable of teaching science and math to kids. Every argument he uses is incorrect, five times worse than average...

Alas, before I tell Loquatia that her great, authoritative source on all things scientific is currently in jail for tax fraud I need to find a more credible (not that hard) source for creation science ideas to show her. Alas, that means putting aside my incredible skepticism and reading creationism sites...

Or I could just not care.


In other news relating to Xtreme Christianity (the X makes it cooler, but if I put it there it's still PC), this site is absolutely HILARIOUS (Warning: Not work-safe, or, in my case, roommate-safe). This guy takes Biblical passages WAY out of context in order to justify what he believes is okay bedroom behavior.

Basically, he says:

-Anal sex is okay, and it's okay for it to be done before marriage-- but only with women.
-Oral sex is okay, also okay out of marriage, but only with women, again-- and the Bible encourages it. But the woman has to swallow.
-Threesomes are okay, as long as two of the participants are a married couple and the other one is a woman (NOT a man), a "lipstick" lesbian, and lets the man call all the shots.
-Masturbation is awesome!
-"Educational" porn: also awesome. But the actors can't swear, because that would be wrong.
-Bondage is okay, as long as the woman is the submissive one.
-Fisting also God's will.

...If more Bible-belt Christian boys read this site, there would be a lot more premarital shackin' up going on. "But honey, anal's okay before marriage-- the Bible says so!"


Sorry my entries have been so long lately. I promise to become boring again post-haste.

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ian said...

I don't know where you found that sex in Christ stuff but it is freakin' hilarious! I can't honestly tell if the author is completely serious or yanking our chains.