Thursday, March 22, 2007


1. Homework is evil.
2. Blackboard is evil, as it's down and thus it does not let me do homework. Normally preventing me from interacting with evil would be a good thing, but my GPA is in danger here.
3. Bisobrina's boyfriend's car broke down, which manages to be both sucky for him (and her, she misses him), and proof that the car gremlins are on my side, because it meant no confrontation.
4. Mistake called last night (after I was in bed, naturally) asking me to go to the mall with her to get a prom dress (long story), but luckily she understood that I have crazy homework.
5. I can't sleep any more. Except during class, when I can't stay awake. I have no idea why.

I'm off to go curse Blackboard and try to figure out how early I would have to arise tomorrow to get my homework submitted in time...

My Mind is PG-13 Rated

My mind is definitely a little dirty. I'm naughty, but not trashy.
I don't shy away from a dirty joke, and I'm clearly not a prude.

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