Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Damn. I forgot to eat dinner.

Okay, so I FINALLY have time to actually sort of write something, for a change.

I have crazy homework this week. Most people were dumped with exams and what not the week BEFORE vacation, when midterms were going on, but no, my professors waited until after I was in post-break mode to dump me with two exams, both in science; an essay, a translation, a quiz for Chem and a presentation on kinorhynchs.

Plus I'm kinda really distracted, anyway. Schoolwork is in the farthest reaches of my mind right now, pushed aside for more important thoughts like how I have a boyfriend and he's very good at distracting me from important things like homework and driving on the correct side of the road (yes I made that mistake, shut up, there weren't any other cars on the road) and blog-writing and sleep.

And besides, I started this half of the semester with a wake. The wake was nice but Grammy greeted Shrewd and me with tears and that was disconcerting; then again, she's now the eldest sister, so I can't blame her. Shrewd is officially not allowed to die until I'm dead or senile. Since she won't want to see me die, either, I think this means that we'll have to be completely bonkers by the time we move on.

But there was a bit of a bright side. I met my second cousin again! I met her the first time at her grandfather's funeral, and then again at her grandmother's, so she's becoming a bit of a funeral buddy since we're the same age and we hang out together after we're done telling the old people about how we like our classes and we're doing quite well, thank you. She's still in high school (she stayed back), but she's fairly close to Durham so I've decided she needs to come visit me. Last time we promised to keep in touch we exchanged a couple of letters then gave up, but hey, we were ten. Now the wonders of the internet mean that I might actually keep my promises to stay in touch. Hopefully.

I Know a Lot About Blogging

I got 5/8 correct!

I'm not a total blogging geek yet... give it time.


Mistake (Version 2.0) said...
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Mistake (Version 2.0) said...

So, had to delete my last comment because I used names--oops...

...but in a nut shell I said that I think you and you sister have together nominated your brother as the first off the island....Hahah