Saturday, March 31, 2007

"My Science Project" was an astonishingly good movie.

Today is a festival honoring Salus, goddess of public safety and welfare, and also one of Janus, god of beginnings and Concordia, goddess of peace.


I'm finally going to give Writer Guy a real name. But I don't actually like the Latin word for "Writer," "Scriptor," so I needed something else. Luckily for me, I remembered a book I read called The Last Book In The Universe, which includes the last human capable of writing in a post-apocalyptic world. He goes by the name/title of Ryter.

Yes, it's just a misspelling of "Writer." But it looks cool, and vaguely sounds like a name, plus it references both his writing and the genre of sci-fi that he prefers. What more is needed?


It's springtime, so young men's minds... are exactly where they always are (in their pants?), but I have noticed a lot more kissy-face going around campus than in recent months. While this has confirmed to me that yes, PDA is still every bit as annoying if you have an Other (my mom says the "significant" indicates that it's someone you're sleeping with), it has also led me to make the following list of Places Where It Is Uncool to Canoodle:

1. At a gas station, waiting for your car to be fixed, kissing and even getting to second, while there are little old ladies sitting nearby and the younger customers are snickering and exchanging looks with the attendants because they can see that you suck at it. Honestly... who makes out when they have critics around? This one's courtesy of Ryter, who was the one who had to witness it. He was also the one snickering with the gas station attendants.

2. In the hallway right outside your room. Your room is right there. GO INSIDE.

3. Personal favorite: In front of the waffle cookers at Philbrook. Because nothing says "I love you" like preventing people from accessing sweet waffly goodness while you tongue your Significant Other (just a guess, but if you do that in public it's probably Significant). I guess waffles turn them on or something. Oh, sexy waffles... wow...


I also noticed this morning that this girl was very enthusiastic about her toasting. She put the English Muffins in and was like, "Whoa... okay... wow! That's great! Is it gonna-- is it gonna come out? Which one's first? OH! Boo-ya! The right one! And-- and-- AWESOME! Here's the left! Woohoo!"


Must be nice to be so easily excited.

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