Sunday, March 4, 2007

Personally, I think Indian food should come with fortune cookies too.

I will say this much:

He's nice, he's sweet, we got along great and it wasn't awkward, not even when Mistake called and I had to go turn off my phone as "Swanee River" played cheerfully from my purse. We watched episodes of Voyager and laughed when the ship lurched sideways and people went flying despite the fact that the gravity was artificial. Especially when the holograms did it too.

We're planning to get together next week to learn the Greek alphabet, and oh my GOD if you can't tell we're dorks yet there is some connection missing in your brain...

But I don't know/remember who reads this, and I can't figure out how much I want to say, yet, and how much I want to keep to myself... I'll sort it out later, when I'm not disturbing my roommate with this click-clicking of keys.

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Val said...

Thanks for writing this.