Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Platypus Brings Armageddon!"

Today is the festival of Luna, goddess of the moon. Yeah, not much to say about that...


I normally don't talk about my dates with Ryter. However, I'm more likely to do so if other people are involved in it. Like meeting his friend last night, and being awkward (Let me clarify something: Awkward as it was, I still had fun and liked meeting the kid. I can usually rise above the awkwardness). But I'm gonna talk about today, because... I was told to. And who can say no to a request like "Blog about me, baby"?

Today Ryter met Closer and Mistake. We just got together (I was NOT late, all evidence aside; they were EARLY), ate lunch at JP's, then wandered back and sat on a bunch of rocks by some trees over by the Upper Quad (It's prettier than it sounds, I promise), and listened to Closer play guitar. How did it go? No one died... there were no nuclear declarations involved... okay, I think it was fine.

The issue is as follows: Ryter and Mistake have pretty much nothing in common. All the interests I share with Mistake are the ones that Ryter doesn't have, and vice versa. I mean, I'm sure with enough time and effort they could find common ground-- Mistake likes some scifi stuff. But pretty much the closest they have to common ground would be discussing politics, and Closer can't discuss politics as, as has previously been mentioned, he zonks out. Between the four of us there was very little to discuss.

Ryter and I seem to have a conversation default when we run out of words: Zombie fights. Zombie Stalin versus Zombie Napoleon kind of thing. Problem: Mistake is mildly closer to normal, and doesn't like discussing the undead while consuming a sandwich. So much for that default.

But they didn't dislike each other. At least, Ryter didn't dislike them. I haven't talked to Mistake since then so I can't get her opinion.


Anyway, after we went our separate ways Ryter and I went to this little beach to sit for a while and then to the mall, wandered for a bit, then went to Fridays. But not before we stopped at this ring store with a big bin-o-rings out front, complete with a watchclerk to prevent pocketers. I was looking for rings because I'm on a constant quest for some that will fit me besides the mood ring, which totally lost it's head the other day and I had to glue it back together AGAIN. Anyway, I was pawing through the silver and Ryter was goofing off, suggesting rings that he himself could get that were pretty much as girly as he could find... and Watchclerk totally took him seriously. And quite clearly seriously objected to the concept of a guy purchasing women's jewelry (to wear himself, that is). I think he would have denied us service.

It took me just long enough to realize what was going on that I was unable to rescue Ryter from the awkward cloud forming over us, so we fled, laughing uncontrollably. Laughter, you see, is the mortal enemy of the awkward cloud. Luckily it also is the natural response to it.


Oh, and Ryter got a new DVD set that is frikkin' AWESOME, man. It's called The Future is Wild, which anyone who likes biology, evolution, computer animation or just stuff that looks cool should see. It's a miniseries, though, so we only covered what the world will look like in the next 5 million years and that took us several hours. Next up: 100 million years! Oh, and I want a pet spink. If only I had a time machine, I could go to the future and get an awesome pet. Yes, that's me-- build a time machine and use it to get futuristic animals...

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