Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Special treat: SEA URCHIN SEX!"*

Today is a day sacred to Fortuna Primigenia, the goddess of luck. "Primigenia" is a title meaning "First-bearer."


Mistake has given up her blog, I'm sad to say, so it's out of the blogroll. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to change her name here. I never liked the name "Mistake" for her because it always makes me feel like I'm saying she is a mistake. I only had it because she picked it out, because of some country song she likes or something, I can't remember her whole explanation.

So, possible names for her include:

-Translating her chosen name into Latin so I don't feel as bad about it: Mendosa. Con: It can also mean "bumbling."

-Amicula: means "dear friend."

-Nessecituda or Propriora: The first is a bit long, but both mean "friend so close she's practically related."

-Vivacia or Vivaxia, meaning "enduring," like our friendship, or "lively" like the friend herself.

Which do you prefer?

(Closer is also off the blogroll because he NEVER POSTS. But his name doesn't really bother me as much. Maybe I'll change his name to Suavidicus or Suavis because it's really funny to imagine Closer as being suave, but it actually means "sweet" or "sweet-talker.")


My life has been rather crazy lately, and as evidence, I offer you last night, when I got to bed at 2:30 AM after running around doing a Chem quiz online (Blackboard, of course, was not functioning on my computer), and completing my Bio lab notebook for turning in today. I was so tired this morning that I barely stayed conscious in Chemistry and then took a nap afterwards, and missed yoga because of it.

Oh well. It's over now, the rest of the week shouldn't be so bad.


My Biology professor offered us a choice of final grades for lab. Option A, a standard lab practical; B, a group project going over everything we've learned in lab. Facing the prospect of yet ANOTHER test we went with the group project. After a long discussion in which the loudest or most obnoxious types (Incredibly Hot Guy-- I've found being in a relationship to be an excellent way for me to notice when guys are actually very bossy and domineering) dominated, tempered slightly by the "Take-Charge Young Female Leaders" and Flirts With TAs, who was at least trying to make sure the quieter girls in the back got a word in edgewise on the matter.

Flirts with TAs has a mohawk. This makes me want so much to giggle at him but he was the only one of the leaders who actually let me talk so I felt bad about it.

Anyway, long story short, I am going to be a VH1 host on a segment entitled "Top Five Worst Reality TV Shows." The entries include such gems as "America's Next Top Algae" and "Survivor: Chordata." I believe one entry will involve Flirts With TAs and Incredibly Hot Guy hitting on the professor while discussing angiosperm versus gymnosperm reproduction.**

It will be awesome.

*Professor: I'm sorry, the sea urchin sex demonstration has to be postponed. Dr. Walker hopes that next week he can coax them into giving you little demonstration but it seems that while the males are ready and rarin' to go, the females are a bit reluctant.

[long pause]

Incredibly Hot (Bossy) Guy: Wait, how is that abnormal?

**Angiosperms are flowering plants. Gymnosperms are things like pines without flowers.

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Amishav said...

Hey, sorry I haven't been leaving comments much, I've had my own little soap opera going on. Seems like you're busy as can be with school and with Latin and it sounds like fun. But the sea urchin sex stuff...I've seen those critters walking around on reefs at night and can't imagine that its much fun for them, or anyone else for that matter!