Saturday, April 28, 2007

I had a WEIRD dream last night.

Uhm, wow. You can tell I'm sleep deprived because I totally screwed up my Roman holidays... Wednesday the 25th wasn't the first day of the Floralia, it was the Robigalia, for the god Robigus, master of ergot (a fungus that attacks grain), mildew, and wheat rust, which is a blight a lot like ergot, attacking grains.

TODAY is actually only the SECOND day of the Floralia. Have some flowers.

Then go back to a couple days ago and read about what was supposed to happen today, instead of then, when you were supposed to be sitting around contemplating the wonders that Robigus brings us, what with his fungi. He even has a sister, Robiga, who helps him, because there's a lot of work when you control blights.


Have you ever played Never Have I Ever? There are two versions, drinking and not, but in either version you go around and say one thing you've never done that you think everyone else in the room has done. Like Truth or Dare, I have instilled in my mother a deep-seated hatred of this game, because it's all about sharing secrets and making other people share theirs, and I was

In the drinking version, you take a shot/drink if you've done something mentioned; in the tamer version you put a finger down. The goal is to either get plastered, or get people out of the game. We were playing the drinking version, though at that point Ryter was onto Coke so he could drive me home safely and I was, of course, not drinking alcohol, so my drinks were cold green tea. The only one of our little gathering (four people) who was actually drinking was Loquelo, Ryter's buddy who I talked about before and who gets a name at last ("Loquelo," from the Latin "loquela," speech or language. That's his major, linguistics). Loquelo got rather tipsy; as in, if he stood up he'd probably fall over. His female friend drank a little, but she could drive home-- Loquelo wound up staying the night.

He's over 21 and he had a huge presentation today. I say he earned it. Plus I got to see Ryter make a flaming dragon, which is a shot of alcohol that you light on fire and that then lights you on fire as you drink it, at least judging by the expression on Loquelo's face and the fact that he then couldn't FEEL said face. Plus I can now say I've seen someone inebriated. Never had before.

I also learned that I am not only no longer the master of Truth or Dare because I've become a prude in comparison to my fellow college students, but I also now suck at Never Have I Ever because all the good ones that got everyone to put a finger down-- besides Going To Canada, never done that-- have now mostly been experienced. The last time I won it was because I'd never been kissed, for example. Plus when you're playing with your boyfriend you limit what you say to what you think he'd be okay with you sharing... since most of what you would have or wouldn't have done would involve him.

But I had fun, and no one drove drunk, and I didn't drink myself, and it was good times, and I'm tired so the post isn't coherent and I probably didn't need to clarify that I didn't drink twice, did I? Now it sounds like I'm trying to prove something, or I'm lying. It's 1:40 AM, I might as well be drunk for all the sense I can make.

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