Sunday, April 29, 2007

In which I corrupt a roommate and am mildy corrupted by a cousin, myself

The Floralia continues. Have some flowers.


Okay, Mistake mentioned that she no longer has a particular desire to be called that. So I'm officially changing her name to Vivacia. I'll change it retroactively over the summer, but henceforth, Vivacia= Mistake. Still haven't picked a name for Closer yet.


Today was... an experience.

Bisobrina came up today to visit after I finished my Bio project contribution, at 1. We then wandered around for a while, and then, as we grasped for something to do, I invited Vivacia to dinner and she came over, which was INCREDIBLY good because Vivacia is so much better at the talking to people thing. Bisobrina, I learned, has a diagnosed inability to read facial expressions (very mild Asperger's), which means she doesn't tend to pick up when I'm getting bored with a conversation (that has lasted about an hour...) or when I'm trying to change the subject tactfully. Luckily Vivacia is the master of seizing control of a conversation and I was able to sit back and not contribute. Closer wandered in and out and then we went to dinner with Loquatia and Vivacia's roommate.

Then we went to go see Pan's Labyrinth at the MUB movie theater. It's in Spanish with subtitles. Bisobrina lasted a half an hour or so; Loquatia was ambivalent, and I was obligated to go with Bisobrina. So we went to the other movie, which was just starting: Ghost Rider. Hint: Don't take a fundamentalist Christian to see a movie about a guy who sells his soul to the Devil and then has to defeat demons with a flaming skull for a head. Just a tip.

Anyway, after that we were getting ready for a boring night, possibly venturing down to the social for a rousing Thumb-War Tournament (aka "The RAs Ran Out Of Social Ideas"), when I got a call from Ryter (well, the call came earlier but I just noticed it then) inviting me to come to a party of a friend of his, the one that he was at at the time, and I could bring Bisobrina. I was hesitant, mostly because I don't know Bisobrina well enough to trust her at a large party, but he said it wasn't a crazy kind of party so I asked her if she wanted to go and she bounced up and down on my bed in excitement, so we went, after I warned her that she was not going to be allowed to drink, though if she really wanted to go make out with a stranger in a corner, I wasn't going to stop her. I said this only because I knew full well that that wasn't going to happen... Corrupting cousins is a good way to get glared at during family reunions.

We got there and everyone was chilling in the main room, so I figured it was going to be okay... I kinda hung back, though, because I was nervous and I was worried about making a good impression. Everyone was really nice, though. Apparently I look like Anna Paquin? (Don't see it)

And then they all went out to the garage to smoke, and we went out to talk with them, and then Bisobrina mentioned that she didn't want to go home smelling like cigarettes... So the rest of the night we spent inside, away from everyone else except for the occasional person who wandered in for alcohol or a break from that conversation, and Ryter, who felt obligated to stay with us on account of he was the one who invited us in the first place. So the whole time I was like, damn, now he can't hang out with his friends, and what's worse, I'm hiding inside and I must seem like the world's biggest snob. I mean, I would have wound up inside anyway, because by the time we left the garage was so full of smoke that Ryter opened the door to say goodbye to everyone and I thought my eyes were lighting on fire, but I spent like no time talking to people unless they came into the kitchen and then most of my conversation was just redirecting Bisobrina's to try to find common topics everyone was interested in.

Oh well. Many of those people are going to Ryter's party next week. I'll have a chance to redeem myself and be sociable then...

Why yes, I do obsess like this after every time I meet someone new.

*collapses in exhaustion*

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