Thursday, April 19, 2007

Facebook has stolen my brain. Or maybe it was zombies.

Finally the Ludi Cereri ends, and today is the Cerealia, a festival to honor the goddess of the harvest, Ceres/Demeter. It was celebrated, among other things, by a representative search of Ceres for her daughter Prosperina/Persephone. Women in white robes would run around with lighted torches.

Because that's sooooo safe.


So guess what? Apparently sculpture isn't a gen ed. So it's basically drawing or nothing (Well, or like... Introduction to Theater or Stagecraft or Music for People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Music. But I wanted a visual-arts fine arts gen ed). But I also learned that there is no way I could take the Calculus class next semester, on account of it only being offered in the spring, so if I get placed into that class when I take the test on Tuesday I'll have to wait until spring to take it. This screws up my whole schedule. Great.


I have nothing really to say today. Sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Are summer classes an option?