Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Short entry today.

And the Ludi Cereri continues...


I felt like I should say something about the shootings at Virginia Tech... I found out yesterday in the dining hall, watching CNN, but it didn't really register with me. I mean, I was like, "Wow, that's terrible," because it's the worst campus shooting in history, but I didn't really think that much about it, you know? It wasn't like September 11th or even just Columbine when no one could talk about anything else. So I kind of pushed it out of my mind.

But then today, after various events made the day suck and I was complaining to Mistake, we went out for drinks to distract ourselves-- me from my day, and her, I discovered, from the fact that a friend of hers who goes to Virginia Tech hasn't been heard from yet, either way. So I immediately started to think about it, and it's very scary. Because that could happen anywhere. It could happen here. It did happen in Virginia and I can't imagine what they're feeling right now.

Every time something like this happens, I feel terrible for all the jokes I make about going postal...


Ryter's power was back on today, so he came and picked up Constantine before I went to lab.

Got back my last Bio test, the one I thought I failed. Guess what? I failed. I got a 44%. I'm going to talk to my professor tomorrow...

Then I went all the way out to Dover to meet with my therapist before I remembered that she changed the appointment to next week, when I have a Chemistry test that I have now had to move a day earlier than anticipated, meaning extra studying on Sunday night. And I had to pay to get a taxi back to campus.

Plus I have to revise a paper by Thursday and my Chemistry teacher is being vindictive.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the bio test. But its good to know that you're taking charge of the situation and checking in with the prof.

I saw all that stuff happening at VT and I was sitting in my classroom thinking about how vulnerable we all are. My classroom has a lot of windows and that's nice, but I started thinking about how easily someone could kill everyone in that room and there would be no warning. Scary.

Basiorana said...

We used to practice lockdowns in high school. It was always hardest in the airy, many-windowed classes.