Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"I bring you love, peace, and pie."

Nate is a Blog is back! Or... it was back, for a while, but I didn't know about it. Anyway, hopefully we'll get to read more of his funny stuff since he's no longer 1 of 1.5.


Today was a good day.

Why was it a good day?

Because I didn't finish studying last night, of course, so I took my biology test today vastly underprepared. And guess what? According to Mistake, who has some friends in the class, Bio review wasn't canceled-- it was at 7 instead of at 5. So I could have gone. Grr.

Anyway, after failing that test, I headed over to the library to work on my English essay, still unfinished. It's already eight pages long and I still haven't even gotten near the end. This is frustrating.

Caught the bus over to Dover and went to Store 24 for some food. Alas, they were out. Yes, of food. There was nothing I could eat in the whole damn store. Finally I grabbed a frozen chicken pot pie and decided to hope for the best; my therapist's office has a microwave.

Half an hour later, I'm still trying to nuke the damn thing... It wouldn't cook the crust properly, so I ate it doughy. Not a great idea. The texture made me nauseus so I set it aside until my therapist attempted to stick it in the toaster oven. It cooled as I talked and then I wolfed it down before running to the bus-- literally, I would have missed it if some dude hadn't seen me sprinting up the street, waving my arms frantically and trying not to kick my laptop bag so hard that it wound up in the street.

Now there's an image for you.

I got more of the essay done on the bus. Want to get carsick? Type in a moving vehicle. Ugh. I got back to campus, staggered back to my dorm, started printing what I had of the English essay and proceeded to throw a coughing/gagging fit. Then, calmed by Coke and some deep breathing, I arrived ten minutes late to class and realized I hadn't done the workshopping I was supposed to do on this girl's paper, so I did it as we discussed it and hoped for the best.

Good news? They liked what little I had finished of the essay...

Post-class, 3:30, back to the dorm to finish the lab report I hadn't even started that was due at 6. Because I am a terrible procrastinator. With some help from Maritima, who is way too patient with me, it was completed in time, though I didn't get to eat dinner and subsisted instead on popcorn and Ramen. We then did a gaseous chemicals lab and I totally inhaled (there goes my political career), returning my nausea/headache in full force.

Got an A on my chem test, though. She handed them back during lab. That was pretty awesome.

Then I got back after lab and realized I screwed up my housing stuff, but thankfully that was worked out with my hall director fairly easily. I just was rather panicky for a little bit there.

Anyway, normally after one of these days I'd come back here, write a blog entry about sucky dayness, and then curl up in bed thinking, "It will be better tomorrow. It will be better tomorrow." But I totally didn't have to do that today, I just had to come online and talk to Ryter, and he basically managed to say everything that I needed to hear but don't trust if I have to ask for.

And that's why it was a good day.

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