Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Resistans Inutile Est.

Still the Ludi Cereri... Man, this is a long holiday.


I get to retake the Biology test that I failed! Awesome. Except now I have to study for it. But at least I won't have a big F dragging down my grade. My professor was very understanding.


It's Floor Wars in Hubbard this week. I haven't been participating on account of I don't feel like spending several hours every night watching people make fools of themselves right when I'm busiest. Besides, with everyone down at Floor Wars I have the 3rd floor lounge all to myself, which is AWESOME.

Although I did see one guy on my floor wander down in makeup, a green skirt, and a pick sweater through which you could see his nipples (dark skin + thin, light-colored sweater = transparency). So tonight's show was probably interesting, to say the least.


I'm not sure if I should put her in the blogroll or not, but I have to say, Annie Angel has to be my favorite ideological nut on the internet. If you've never heard of her, read her now-infamous "How To Be A Good Christian Wife". It's so incredibly ludicrous.

And that's the beauty of her writing-- no one can figure out if she's being serious or not. As far as I can tell, she really is a Christian and a conservative; but the humor she uses in her pieces, in addition to the fact that she's clearly educated to some degree and using the internet to learn more-- I've lost the link, now, but she was on a anarchy/communism/etc forum asking to learn more. My guess is that she's exaggerating her views to make people think and to share thoughts she might have that you can't say when you aren't anonymous. You do have to notice that the extremist articles tend to get the most comments and readers. She's certainly well known, to the point where she shows up on a forum and people start posting the most extreme points they can find from her blog to flame her.

So why do I like someone who comes across as racist, religiously bigoted, and sexist? Because she's funny, and because she's presenting extreme versions of what some people really believe, so it makes me think. Plus, inadvertently or not, she makes some interesting points about women in Christianity-- namely, if one is a "true Christian" and female, then what about all the writings that say that women need to be subservient to men and honor their husbands as they would Christ and all that jazz? The "Good Christian Wife" post presents an interesting point-- that's basically what some of the New Testament is telling women to do. But Jesus himself (for the sake of argument, let's say he existed; I think he did live and preach, though I don't think he was the son of God) had an unmarried woman in his inner circle (Mary Magdalene-- unless you think she was his wife, but either way she was one of his closest followers and not exactly shunted into the background). He wasn't particularly adverse to women, that was Paul and Peter. Paul wrote it down and Peter put it into the church itself.

So the question arises-- can women be equals in faith? Jesus thought so. Paul and Peter disagreed. But if the Bible is the literal Word of God, then literalist Christians have to believe Paul, and any woman who is independent or a working mom or just not willing to make their husband a nice glass of fresh orange juice every morning is technically going against her faith.

This is why I believe all faiths are composed of truth, filtered through the eyes of those who cannot comprehend it. The trick is to filter through all the different beliefs and figure out what's a true message and what's just interpretation on the part of the messengers.


ian said...

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism.

I have been Touched by His Noodly Appendage. Have you?


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But of course!