Sunday, April 15, 2007

"See you soon, Harry."

More games and festivities as the Ludi Cereri continues...


My folks needed me to sign my tax forms. Okay, not a big deal... except I'm here and they are there. So when I called last night to get Mummy's go-ahead on another McLean study I intend to do that requires mothers and daughters, she suggested that they would come up on Sunday, but I'm spending much of Sunday with Ryter meeting his dad. Saturday was suggested as an alternative. I figured they'd come up later in the afternoon and call me a few hours ahead of time to let me know when to expect them. Because that would be logical. So I got to bed late.

This morning I woke up to my cell phone ringing. At 8 AM. Fully prepared to scream at whoever had called me that early on a Saturday, I picked it up. It was my mom.

"We're gonna be there in about an hour!"


So I'm rather tired tonight, which I am going to blame for my atrocious bowling game. I was not only beaten, I was skunked-- Ryter had TWICE my score for all three games, or at least close to twice. I am not so good at bowling...


Random conversation:

Shrewd: Blah...
Basiorana: "If the continuum has told you once, it's told you a thousand times: DON'T PROVOKE THE BORG!"
Shrewd: How does my boredom provoke the Borg?
Basiorana: It doesn't.
Basiorana: I just wanted to impart some good advice.
Shrewd: Phew.
Basiorana: You don't LIKE the Borg?
Shrewd: Nope.
Basiorana: I'm sorry.
Basiorana: They like you.
Shrewd: Tough.
Basiorana: Such good assimilation matter...

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