Saturday, April 21, 2007

"Fungor. That's a cool word. It would make a good name. I am FUNGOR THE BARBARIAN!"

I'm very tired as it is quite late, but man, today was GLORIOUS. Mother Nature is seriously bipolar, because a week ago we had snow and today I was overheated in a tank top as I sat outside during Latin. As half the class had declared "First Nice Friday of Spring" to be a religious holiday, there were only four of us and the professor consented.

It was also Earth Day so I got a pansy that they were handing out at the Earth Day celebration, and I then went to Ace Hardware to grab some pots for both the pansy and the petunia that Ryter gave me. By the way, the petunia's name is Daisy and the pansy's name is Petunia. This makes me smile.

And then Ryter and I hung out, got subs and ate them outside. While we watched Soylent Green at his place (FREAKY movie), his friend came over, the same guy who I've met before, and he brought his roommate and that was cool, met someone new. Didn't screw it up. At least, that's what Ryter told me.


Rather than actually say anything productive, here's a collection of awesome images I stole from Old Horsetail Snake's blog. He didn't credit it. I find it pretty awesome, but then again, I am oddly amazed and in love with the to-scale model of the solar system in the Museum of Science, where you have to go 9.3 miles away to Riverside Station to get to Pluto. Their sun is twelve feet in diameter and Pluto is the size of a pea.

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