Saturday, April 21, 2007

"When you find yourself sitting there with an $18 drink in your hand and no recollection of how it got there, it's probably time to go home."

I went to Boston with Ryter today and met Shrewd for lunch and ice cream with little chocolate cows in it; there I managed to trip multiple times, spill chocolate on myself, spill ice all on my lap and the table, and get insulted by a homeless guy. Yes. A panhandler insulted my choice of hairstyles. It was awesome.

Seriously, I had an awesome time and there was warm weather and spring and blossoms on the trees, and I replaced the drawing pencils I've lost and Shrewd and Ryter seemed to get along on account of them both being snarky.

We passed some Jesus Freaks on the sidewalk handing out pictures of Jesus with a P.O. Box address on the back where you could find him. Ryter took one, saying, "Totally! Awesome." We walked about five minutes and he said, "Wait-- I can't remember. Did I say "Hell yes" when he asked me if I wanted one?" To which I replied along the lines of, "No. But damn, I wish you had."

Plus I totally saw a guy sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign saying "LAWN GNOMES KILLED MY FAMILY. NEED MONEY TO BUY LAWNMOWER FOR REVENGE."

And honestly, topping that level of awesomeness would be pretty damn hard.

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ian said...

Truly, it would have been harder to find an awesomer day. As Peter Griffin would say... "Freakin' SWEET!"