Saturday, April 14, 2007

"Man, I swear I thought you said 'Monogamous relationships are so hard.' I was like, nod and smile..."

Today is the second day of the Ludi Cereri.


My Chemistry teacher is about ready to go postal on my class. Today the majority of the class was talking the whole time, as usual, and he was getting increasingly frustrated, as usual, and then he started layering on homework assignment after homework assignment, then he started telling us we would have to stay later (not that he could have prevented the leaving, people had a Biology test the following hour), then he finally broke down, spun around to face us, and cried, "Will you all just STOP DISRESPECTING ME?" We quieted.

"Seriously, ALL you guys do is TALK and I've just been trying to be a nice guy and make this class as easy as possible, and you have NEVER respected me. You know this class is the reason I'm quitting teaching? Just this class. I thought you should know, one of my colleagues said this was the worst class he's seen in thirty years. I wanted you to know that."

He turned to face the board, attempting to finish one last problem before we left for the weekend. The conversational murmur began to rise, and he steadily set down the chalk, slowly turned around, and said though tight lips, "You know what? Go. Just go. I'm not gonna care any more."

We left.

Man, Monday is gonna be awkward.


In yoga today, the instructor randomly said we were doing partner yoga. Uh, partner yoga? Like pair off with someone and have to touch them? Not to mention that there was an even number of people, but an odd number of each gender, and I seemed like one of the only people who didn't know anyone, so I would either wind up with the thirtyish woman in the spandex blue flame pants if someone in the group had their significant other with them, or with a guy. And I would not have tolerated a GIRL touching me as I did yoga. I don't hug my friends or touch people on the arm as I talk, never mind hold their butt in place as I push on their back.

So I left as quietly as I could. Well, not so much "left" as "fled." Hopefully no one noticed... well, except whoever wound up partnered with the instructor because of me...


Meanwhile I was all set for a Friday night spent talking for a bit with Mistake (Vivacia? I haven't decided), then doing some homework, finishing up my Adventures of the S-Team Submission contest submission and going to bed early, because Ryter was in Massachusetts seeing some movie about anthropomorphic food fighting subway bombs or something. Got the first done, at least, but I was working on my submission when there was a knock on my door. Surprised, I went over and opened it.

It was Ryter, back from Mass and stopping by after dropping off his movie buddy.

So me being sans makeup, with my hair a mess all over the place, wearing junky comfortable clothes, and having barely cleaned my room (I just made it tolerable before Mistake came, not really clean)? That was a problem.

I mean, yeah, like, he didn't seem to mind and he said I looked beautiful anyway, and he'd probably have to see me looking less-than-best eventually, but I check the hall before going to the bathroom in my PJ's and robe to make sure there aren't any males wandering around in the morning.

I am not so good with the surprise visits.

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ian said...

Woo! I can't wait to see your contest entry!