Saturday, April 7, 2007


Today is still the Megalasia, it continues until the tenth.


Why is it that I always come home and eat? There is something about this house that makes me hungry. And it's not just that I'm eating despite not wanting to eat, my stomach is actually growling. I don't get it. This is why I need to work out over the summers, otherwise I'd gain like a hundred pounds.


Tomorrow is Easter, which you should probably know already but oh well. I'm home for the night, laptop in tow, and Shrewd and I did some cooking for tomorrow and colored a dozen eggs. We won't hide them, but we have a tradition of painting "name eggs"-- eggs with the names of each person who will be eating Easter dinner with us written on them in crayon before the egg is dyed a bright primary color. Shrewd and I expect we will be painting name eggs when we are in our thirties. Everyone eats their own name egg, and the leftovers, also brightly colored, are divided up among us.

My great-aunt, the one who took me to the Christmas Revels last December, will be having Easter supper with us, along with her (male) life partner/significant other to whom she is not married (Her (M)LP/SOTWSINM for short). There will probably be mild interrogation and a slide show of my mother's recent trip to Hawaii.


Speaking of which, she brought me gifts! A lei made out of nuts instead of flowers (and if you have a dirty mind like mine, that's pretty funny), and a lovely pearl necklace and earrings. And a book of Hawaiian mythology, filled with names I can't pronounce and cool stories I intend to read after I get done with both my homework and Ryter's most recent novel piece he sent to me for editing. So... some light summer reading. Too bad it's an inch and a half thick.


Oh, and Shrewd wins the prize for best insult, today. I believe the conversation went thusly:

We were dyeing eggs, and at one point she said, "I like the eggs that aren't at all a natural color."

I, in the best example of my witticism, replied, "You're not a natural color."

"Yeah, well, you're polka dotted," she retorted.

"Really? Awesome! That would be so cool!"

"Dude, have you seen pictures from when you were twelve? I mean, hello, facewash."

It wins the prize for best insult because with her delivery, I was laughing harder than she was.


But it's late, and we have company tomorrow, so I'm off...

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ian said...


If you're interested in reading my current novel project as I write it, you're welcome. Email me and I'll get you the link and password.

It's about superheroes. Like the webcomic. Except not as funny. Go figure.