Thursday, April 5, 2007

"The Day After the Day After Tomorrow: Electric Giant Terrestrial Land Squid Bugaloo."

It's the second day of the Megalesia, and this time I actually know how this festival to Cybele was celebrated. Yesterday a sacred black stone of Cybele was brought to Rome from Phrygia, and then there is a sacrifice of herbs and then the eunuch priests carry Cybele's image, wearing a crown, through the city to the music of tambourines and flutes. They dance alongside it, beating themselves in ecstasy.

Then everyone feasts, watches the games and the plays, and has a grand old time.

It's also a day sacred to Fortuna Publica, the Luck of the People.


The snow that didn't fall yesterday did wind up serving me well today, as classes were canceled. I woke up early anyway, though, because my alarm went off with a great blaring noise that scared the bejeezus out of me and made me spring out of bed like my butt was on fire, which at the time I thought it was because it sounded like a fire alarm. Luckily the truth was explained by Loquatia before I ran out of the room in my PJs, all ready to go stand out in the snow...


I went back to sleep after that, to be awoken at 9:30 when Ryter called. His power was out, and he needed to know if operations were curtailed. Then he called again on account of there was a tree down over his road, so he couldn't go anywhere... Eventually he wound up walking over here and we hung out all day and watched the rest of The Future is Wild on DVD.

Dorm beds are really not made for two people.

And I think we weirded out Loquatia.

At about 5 we wandered back to his place to see that the tree was removed but the power wasn't on, so we went to the mall, and I got a new fish! His name is Menelaus and he's yellow with iridescent scales that change color in the light. This is kind of exciting, I've never had a yellow Betta before. Probably more inbred than the Pharaohs, but he's pretty. He's not in the big tank, though, because I think that Deiphobus might have a slight case of popeye which I am currently treating in the main tank.

Also at the mall I got a ring from that store I mentioned before that has buckets of them, after we went to Hot Topic, a store that makes me laugh, and it was decided that Ryter needs to doll me up as a goth for a day, so I can take pictures and frighten my parents. And then he got me earrings shaped like maces, because they are my favorite form of medieval weaponry and he's a sweetie.

I think the amount of guilt I feel when he spends money on me means either I am very, very bad at this girlfriend thing, or I am very, very good...


Tonight was the room draw, where we get new roommates. I haven't decided on a name for the girl I will be rooming with-- Loquatia's name has taught me not to assign monikers before I know more about the person-- but she was specifically looking for a quiet, non-partying roommate and I'm about as much of that as you can get. I'm like the anti-party. I arrive, and the party leaves, because otherwise it collides with me and together we unwrite the universe or something.

Actually I have no idea, I don't get invited to parties.I'm just speculatin'. But yes, roommate, quiet, not likely to pass out shitfaced on my bed or attack me with an axe in my sleep. Excellence!

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