Saturday, April 7, 2007


It's the third day of the Megalesia. It's also National Tartan Day, and I celebrated like a true Scot, wearing my MacRae clan tartan sash (for my dad's side) with my Maclachlan pin (for my mom's), over my Celtic bodice (because I don't get to wear that enough, and I thought Ryter would find it amusing, interesting, or both).

Bodice all day, not so comfy. Plus I have to wear tighter pants than usual or the shirt I wear underneath it puffs out funny. Funnier than usual, that is. The bodice was really designed for the me of three inches ago, when we first started to assume I was done with the growing upwards bit, so it doesn't quite meet the pants... I can wear it without the shirt and not have the puffing problem but that's a tad, uhm, revealing...


I was watching Creationist videos on YouTube today. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a weirdo, but I actually found them interesting nbackground noise as I was painting my nails. I was playing a little mental game of "spot the bad science" and then it occured to me that if that was a drinking game I would have been shitfaced in about five minutes.

But learning how there are apparently "no transitional forms" despite the THOUSANDS of transitional forms did wind up serving me well, because Loquatia wandered back in while I was watching them. She was rather confused when I told her I was learning about creationism, but then I explained that I liked to learn about the different views even if I don't believe in them.

So I'm one step closer to my eventual goal of corrupting her into opening her mind a little, and stop her from thinking that just learning about a different belief (or tested and proven scientific theory) is enough to get her damned to Hell for all time or something.

Also, she asked me if Kent Hovind was in it. She got this big smile on her face as she said his name, but I had to burst her bubble by informing her that her creationism hero a) is wrong so often that CREATIONISTS think he's a dumbass, b) "graduated" with a degree in Christian theology from a non-accredited "college" which is essentially a trailer in the desert somewhere, and c) is currently serving a 10 year jail term for tax fraud because "all his money belongs to God"-- but he's free to use it for now.

At least now she knows that there are other creation scientists out there that aren't such easy target practice for evolutionists as Kent Hovind. Not that they aren't easy, they just aren't AS easy.

I have no problem with creationism. I have lots of problems with creation science. I'm not attacking a religion, I'm attacking people who say that the only way a faith can stand up is if every component is 100% accurate and literally interpreted. And yet, I would convert in an instant if someone gathered up one of every known species in Africa, Asia, and Europe-- I'll leave out the ones where the animals couldn't have walked to Mesopotamia-- and proved that they could all fit in an ark of the Bible's specifications, with room left over for all the species that the creation scientists think have just died out since then-- the animals that evolutionists call "transitional forms" but creationists call "completely different species that have since become extinct."

If someone fit all of those, including males and females-- or even just pregnant females-- of the 509,000 insect species that are know today, and the 2,000 rodent species, into an 450-foot-long wooden ship and proved it was seaworthy, I would become a biblical literalist. Until then, I'm gonna go with "it's a metaphor."

All this thinking is making me sleepy. Or maybe it's the fact that it's 3 AM.

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