Thursday, February 1, 2007

"You Cannot Manage Men In Battle. You Manage Things, You Lead People"

Today is the Kalends Februarius, the first of the month of February. The entire month is sacred to Juno/Hera, and today was specifically the feast of Junoni Sospitae Matri Reginae, the first part of which means "Juno the Savior" and the second part refers to mothers and queens, but I don't feel like actually figuring out the exact wording of a translation. Suffice it to say it's a day honoring Juno.


Now, kids, it's time for...

our grammatical friend

It was shaping up to be a bad week for Marcus, the hero of my weekly grammar exercises, as we're studying the Imperative. He was thus hopelessly bossed about. First he had to stay, not go; then there was the issue with not listening, and he had to be reprimanded; finally he was told a secret, but he couldn't tell the consul. Frustrating!

Then I figured out that I'd been translating the wrong set of sentances, and Marcus wasn't even in the set of incomplete phrases that I had to finish. I was rather frustrated-- I'd finished the whole thing! but Marcus gets the week off, at least.

Tune in next Thursday for more ADVENTURES OF MARCUS!


I ate dinner with Mistake and another girl on her floor, who has the prettiest long, red hair you could imagine. Loquatia was going to eat with us, but she didn't realize that I was planning on walking over like... twenty minutes early... so she missed us. Oh well. Loquatia has actual social skills (they aren't fabulous, but they're there), so she's known for wandering around and asking people from Christian Impact, tennis, or her classes to go eat with her.


Oh, and I finally got the counselor who leads the communication group to agree to be my reference, so the RA application's done and will be submitted tomorrow, as soon as Mistake shows me where the heck I'm supposed to bring it. Hopefully I get the job.


Part of my Chemistry grade this semester involves "PLTL," "Peer-Led Team Learning." This is basically an excuse to make us think about chemistry when he's not around. We meet once a week for an hour and a half (like I have room in my schedule at this point-- it was so clear, then I added yoga, group therapy, regular therapy, three to four hours of dance and that health care seminar group...) and review the classwork with a student who did well in the class last year.

I know more than the leader.

And I sleep through the class.

Well, technically the problem is that I think faster than the other girls in the group, and come to the conclusion and want to move on in the review, and don't want to have to wait for them to catch up and come to the conclusion for themselves. I'm not allowed to just tell them the answer, which is what I always want to do, because I want to move on.

I am what they call "not a team player." Of course, it didn't help that I was completely unable to sit still for the session, so I probably looked like I was about ready to spaz out and kill them all. Makes it hard to concentrate, fearing for your life.


Speaking of spazzing out and killing them all, that's what I believe I will do to the guys next door if I hear them say "lol" one more time, or "brb," "lmao," or "ttyl." I honestly prefer the swearing to the internet jargon. It sounds so stupid!

Though I admit, I'd like to be able to study without hearing, "F--- that, b----, no way that h- wouldn't get blasted by that f------ grenade, it f------ went off right in front of her!"

Heck, I'd like them to say one sentence I don't have to bleep out...

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