Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Look, an alien! Let's EAT it!

This is a "squeaking green alien" caught in the Sea of Azov, in Russia. The fishermen who caught it filmed it and sent the video in to someone who studies UFOs. However, when scientists arrived to check it out, they were informed that it had already been eaten, and that it was "delicious."

First of all... ew, if they thought it was an alien, whether or not they were afraid of it, why the hell would they eat it? Now, I've figured out that Pravda isn't exactly Time Magazine-- it's known for printing things with a spin towards the supernatural, and not researching hoaxes before printing them-- but even just looking at the pictures, video, and quotes, I was kinda curious. I was guessing it was a really weird or maybe mutated fish of some kind, because I was being nice to the fisherman and assuming it wasn't a flat-out hoax.

But... This is a guitarfish. It is an admittedly rare kind of ray (rare enough, I suppose, that the fishermen might not have recognized it). It's usually brown, but the weird color is probably either the lighting in the room or a result of the ray being sick (in which case I predict stomach bugs for the fishermen). Not an alien. Definitely evidence that there are some FREAKY animals out there. Even as a regular fish, it's pretty cool.

Do you believe in intelligent aliens? I do. I just don't think they'd bother to come here. They're probably waiting for us to come to them, just like we're waiting for them to come to us. Or maybe they haven't figured out interstellar travel yet either. Maybe the human race will die out before we find them-- I mean, there are a LOT of planets out there. My guess is that they will walk upright, copulate facing each other, have opposable thumbs, and have a voice box similar to ours-- but other than that, I doubt they'll look like anything we can recognize.

(By the way, the facts I mentioned are attributed to why humans developed into advanced societies with complex relationships and technology. Technology comes from the thumbs and the consequent ability to use tools, walking upright enabled us to look at each other face-to-face and interact with each other using hand gestures and other such motions, the voice box enabled complex communication, and I heard the bit about how evolving to copulate facing one another encouraged monogamy and closer relationships with spouses while watching the History Channel.)

Anyway, I doubt the first contact we have with an intelligent alien species is going to be catching them with a fishing net or having them probe our poor, law-abiding rednecks. A guy I knew in high school used to say that he believes in government conspiracies hiding aliens at Roswell, but honestly, I doubt it. If the government had something as big and earth-shattering as an actual alien's body, they would have covered it up a LOT better.

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