Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Opportunity will soon knock. When it does, answer the door!"

It's the Fornacalia today, or at least, that's what we think; sources differ as to the exact date. It's sometime in early February, at least. The Fornacalia is a holy day honoring Fornax, goddess of baked goods. No, seriously. Ovid, in the Fasti, said: "They made the oven into a goddess of that name [Fornax]; delighted with her, the farmers prayed that she would temper the heat to the corn committed to her charge. At the present day the Prime Warden (Curio Maximus)60 proclaims in a set form of words the time for holding the Feast of Ovens [Fornacalia], and he celebrates the rites at no fixed date..."

Fornax made things rise and bake properly. Thus, she is goddess of baked goods. Her festival was honored by roasting grain in ovens in the Forum in the ancient fashion.


I have to show my English teacher my journal, so I'm transferring it to Word... everything since the 16th. Guess how long it is in Word. Forty pages. And that's after I took out five different little side-note entries that I didn't think were neccessary, like that one on my fanfiction, and I took out all the images and stuff. Man.


Hmm... nothing happened today.

My theory is that if my dreams are long and interesting, my day will be mundane, so my readers don't have to slog through two long entries in a day.

I have a quote, though (muchly paraphrased, I don't remember exactly what she said): "We should all pitch in and send [KTMack] a cake for Valentine's Day, and have it delivered. It should say: "HA HA, YOU'RE SINGLE! THAT SUCKS!"

...meanest thing ever. Only thing meaner would be if I (his former girlfriend) was the one to send it...

What My Dreams Mean...

My dreams seem to show that I'm a bit disturbed... but nothing serious.

I may have a problem I'm trying to work out in my sleep.

Overall, I'm very content in my life. Comparatively, at least.

My dreams indicate that I have very conflicted feelings.

I have a very vivid imagination and a rich creative mind.

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