Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Oh, look, family bathrooms. We can all go in together!"*

So today Mistake and I were all set to go to the mall, and then she went to go onto the 5A bus, so I, naturally, followed her as I only know that 3A goes to see my therapist in Dover. Turns out that we wanted 4A, so we rode around for an hour and got a fun and exciting tour of Newmarket. Poor Mistake felt really dumb, which kinda made me feel bad, because it wasn't really her fault. We've to the mall like, four or five times, max, and the buses are kinda confusing. They all come at the same time, so it's easy to get on the wrong one. Besides, we just rode it back, took a later bus to the mall and hung out in my dorm in the meantime. This did mean that Closer came with us to the mall, though, since we figured that the fact that neither of us picked up on the fact that we were on the wrong bus until we'd already gone too far to get off meant that chances are we'd screw something up again.

It's okay, all he was planning on doing was, y'know, homework. Like that matters. Pfft.

But yes, mall. I got lightweight sneakers that will be easier to dance in but won't look so formal and Mistake got a Panic! At the Disco poster for her dorm room, and then we grabbed a bite to eat before coming back to campus, partaking in Ice Cream Night at Hoco, and going back to Mistake's room to hang out and talk about politics until Closer fell asleep.

Okay, so that's not totally fair, he was actually tired, but he probably wouldn't have fallen asleep if he'd been contributing the conversation, so it was at least partially our fault.

...This is how I spend Saturday night when there's a huge hockey game against UMaine going on. Maybe this has something to do with the fact I have so few friends.


Valentine's Day is Coming, according to every store in the mall... and Mistake and Closer, who were discussing the holiday. Closer is planning something absolutely, sickeningly adorable, I'm sure. He said he wasn't going to do something huge, but it will be sweet, whatever it is, because he knows that this is one of the first Valentine's Days when she actually has a boyfriend who won't forget what day it is.

At least, it better.

I might give out carnations, since I definitely can't afford roses this year. They're pretty cheap and I really like giving flowers to my friends on that day, so I can pretend that I don't care that I'm single.

And because I don't have that many friends, it will be even cheaper. It works out to... four. Wow, that's pretty embarrassing. Maybe I'll give Deandron one too, because I think at this point he's the only one of his roommates who's single, and while I doubt he cares... Ah, who am I kidding. I want to see how uncomfortable I can make him. Because honestly, if I have to be single on Valentine's Day, the least I should be able to do is make some poor guy uncomfortable. I think I shall scotch tape it to his door, because nothing says "classy" like scotch tape.

Oh, man. I just realized-- Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday. As in, my weekly Bad Day. Ha ha, God, I see what you did there. Cute. Hmmph.


And I've discovered a new hair-styling technique that I love, because it's easy. All I do is shower, comb it, let it air-dry most of the way, then take a massive handful of gel, flip my hair over my head, and mess it up. Then I blow-dry it and presto, hairstyle #1, curly and messy and bed-head chic. But it's crunchy, so once it completely dries, I gently comb through it first with my fingers and then with a comb (playing with it throughout the day, basically) so it gradually drops and relaxes and smooths out throughout the day. It only gets clumpy if I stop playing with it. This is not usually an issue, since I always play with my hair when it's down anyway.

Why is it that I always start wearing my hair down regularly around this time of the year?

Oh. That's right... because it looks better, when I do it right. And because I'm lonely.

*Courtesy of Mistake-- she wanted me to put it up as the title. We didn't. In case you were curious.

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