Monday, February 5, 2007

"You find beauty in ordinary things. Keep this trait."

Today is a day sacred to Faunus, the Roman version of Pan. He was a goat-legged nature god, of plains, fields, and forests. He was also known by an alternate name: Inuus, the god who makes cattle fertile.


Not much of interest today; I finally went to Health Services about my weird knee pain (as opposed to my customary knee pain) and now I have to wear an ace bandage until I see the doctor on Wednesday. I'm actually almost positive that the pain will be completely gone by then, since that's my luck. I don't go to the doctor to fix a problem, I go to the doctor so the problem will already be fixed.


I've also been practicing my photo retouching skills. See, I'm not looks-obsessed (or stupid) enough to actually just post a picture that isn't me on Stalkerbook, but I am certainly vain enough to not want there to be a single photo I put up that doesn't look as immaculate as it can get.

I'm actually getting surprisingly good at it. I can get rid of blemishes, fix messy hair, fill out eyebrows and solve most lightning and camera related issues. I have issues with eyes and noses, though-- eyes are easy to screw up and obviosu when you do, and noses have too many different angles. I wonder if I could turn this into a marketable skill.

Though there is something truly odd about magnifying a nose until I can see the individual pixels and then proceeding to stare at it for a good ten minutes as I carefully retouch it.


This Healthcare Professions seminar I'm taking is really depressing. To get into med school, I'll need to maintain a 3.7 GPA, get a 30 or higher on the MCAT entrance exam, get glowing recommendations from faculty, ace the interview, have a record of job-shadowing medical professionals and of community service and involvement in activities where I get to prove I'm a leader, expose myself to diversity, overcome my stammer and my overuse of sentence fillers like "like" and "uhm," have absolutely no criminal record, and avoid credit-card debt.

Yes, that all matters. Anyone who thinks doctors are overpaid should DIE. If I have to do all that just to get IN, I damn well want to be pulling down $300,000+ a year.

I also have to maintain my public image. This means that I can't drink or use drugs (not that I was planning on that) and I have to make sure my Facebook profile reads more like a public persona biography than a, well, Facebook profile. Luckily for me, this blog never mentions my name or identifying markers, so they can't use this against me, and the LJ only mentions my nickname, not my legal name, and not my last name.

Your Career Personality: Idealistic, Service-Oriented, and Future-Oriented

Your Ideal Careers:

Alternative health practitioner
Environmental lawyer
Magazine editor
Museum curator
Photo journalist

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Amishav said...

Oh, come on...if you had a criminal record you'd be so much more interesting as a physician.
And why not put your name, address, social security number up on her and on facebook? No one would ever use that information for anything mean. People just aren't like that, are they?