Saturday, February 10, 2007

"Woman's intutition is like feathers on an arrow-- it may help the flight to truth."

Tonight was the Student Activities Fair for this semester. You probably don't remember my mentioning that the Student Activities Fair for last semester triggered a panic attack and sent me spiraling into a very bad depression. Thus, I consider going at all (and NOT panicking) to be a massive victory on my part.

Of course, this time Closer and Mistake were with me, as was Loquatia and Tibicina, who, you may not remember, is an old friend from high school who we hang out with sometimes. I always do better in crowds if I'm with people I know and am comfortable with. However, I had a couple things against me-- for starters, I was leaning on a crutch, causing people to stare at me a great deal as I gimped about, and more significantly, it was not just the five of us; a friend of Loquatia's came with us, and the fact that I'm gonna call him Cute Chem Major might indicate the issue (the "Cute" part, my only aversion to Chem Majors is that they actually like that stuff).

Cute Chem Major was looking for someone to go with, not wanting to wander about alone, and he asked Loquatia, but she was really uncomfortable with the idea of just going with him-- I think it was a combination of worrying about not knowing what to do if the conversation died (never an issue with the garrulous Mistake about) and her general uneasiness with anything that seems to resemble a date/guy being romantically interested in her. While I haven't a clue how much truth is in that thought-- we know I'm bad at the "detect attraction" spell-casting on account of my refusing to believe KTMack was actually interested at all in me until Mistake and Closer teamed up to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt-- I can say that she was certainly futzing with her hair for longer than usual.

Of course, she might have been doing that because I was putting on makeup and fixing my own hair, but I wasn't doing it for that reason as I hadn't actually met the kid yet. No, really.

Anyway, yes. Regardless, I invited her along with us, and then when she felt bad about bailing on him, I suggested she just have him come along. We all ate dinner together-- a bit of a trick with the crutches, but I was down to one so it wasn't that bad. I at least was able to get my own food.

The fair itself wasn't actually that interesting-- by this point I've heard about most of the clubs, so it wasn't news. The Republican Club and Pro-Life Organization's table was at the exact opposite room from that of the Democrat Club and Pro-Choice Organization; there was Frisbee spin-art, palm reading, body art, and sign-making, though I passed on the body art (don't know how long it lasts and I'm going home next weekend-- "Happy Birthday, Mummy, have a heart attack!") and the palm reading (long line). Other than that, though, not horribly exciting. Nerf crossbow practice at the Archery Club table, and the Historical Weaponry people were fighting with padded swords and chain-mail hauberks in one corner.

Free stuff was basically limited to candy, make-your-own-Valentines (Mistake made a really mean one for Closer that Loquatia totally didn't get until it was explained), the occasional pamphlet, condoms disguised as matchbooks (or not, there was lots of selection) and pro-life balloons. Since there's not much to do at these things except go around and take all the free stuff, we didn't last too long before we (all six of us) wandered back to Mistake's dorm to sit around, talk, and watch Psych. We split by eleven, in the interest of letting Mistake sleep-- she had to wake up early tomorrow, she said. So did Tibicina, and, I'm sure, Loquatia, though that's more "want to" than "have to." I, for one, intend to sleep in until noon. Because it's Saturday, dammit.

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