Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Romance comes into your life this year in a very unusual sort of way."

Felix Lupercalia!

This awesome Roman holiday was what we celebrated in Latin class to have an excuse to celebrate Valentine's Day, despite the fact that it's the 15th, not the 14th, and the fact that Lupercalia is NOTHING like Valentine's Day except that it's a potential excuse to get laid.

What's Lupercalia? It was a purification rite that was older than the city of Rome itself. By purifying the land, they ushered in new crops. Now, how to celebrate:

Get a bunch of Luperci, "brothers of the wolf," who are priests of Faunus. Dress them only in goatskins. Then have them sacrifice two male goats and a dog. Get two young, upper-class Luperci and lead them to the altar. Smear the blood of the victims on the foreheads of the kids and then wipe it off with wool dipped in milk. They then smile and laugh. This is required. Then have a grand ol' sacrificial feast.

Cut strips of skin from the animal skins and make them into whips. Then send all your Luperci about running through the city, sans clothes, hitting the women-- this guaranteed the woman fertility, prevented sterility and eased childbirth (They weren't hitting hard, it was more like a tap. Well, at least in later years).

...It's a holiday devoted to naked guys running around hitting chicks with whips. It's like nudism and S&M all at once. I find this hilarious.


I had my RA interview today, with, oddly enough, Mistake's hall director. The first half was with a current RA, who seemed to think I would be an okay candidate; the second part with the hall director was about the same idea, though the questions were different. I think it went well, I just hope that they realize that just because my answers sounded a little cliché doesn't mean they're insincere. I just tried to be as honest as possible, not be nervous, and smile a lot.

Meh. Either I get it, or I don't. My only worry is that I won't get it and Loquatia will, because then I'll have to find someone to room with or enter the lottery.

I don't find out until next Friday, and I wouldn't know what hall I'd be in until after I took the RA class. I think I'd get the job if it was solely based on my personality and other qualifications, but they had a LOT of applicants this year so I wouldn't be surprised if I got rejected just because there's so many people to choose from.

I Am 20 Years Old

I am a twenty-something at heart. I feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

Apparently I act my age, give or take a year.


Anonymous said...

If you are really lucky, you'll get to be the RA and have a lupercalia in the dorm- I'm sure several of the women and most of the boys would enjoy it!

Basiorana said...

that would be AWESOME except we'd have to skip the sacrifice part. As funny as it would be, I'd hate to have "fired from RA position for conducting Satanic rituals involving livestock death" on my employment record.

Doesn't care to reveal her name for the sake of this coming back to hurt her, but she's your homie said...

Hey Don't knock that little tidbit, I mean there are employers that empathize with things like that---Hiliary clinton for example

Basiorana said...

true, but I think "hillary clinton campaign aide" would be a bigger detriment to my employment record than "satanic ritualist"

then there's the fact that I'm a vegetarian