Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Why are there Greenpeace signs pointed at your face?"*

It's the Feralia again, the a feast to honor Jupiter Feretrius-- Jupiter/Zeus in his role as guaranteer of oaths.

It's also Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. I know this because a girl in our hall came to say hi and I was about to say, "Do you know you have a bit of smudge right there, on your forehead" and then I saw her Jesus fish necklace and remembered.

Plus in Bio lab Incredibly Hot Guy learned it was Lent and said, much too loudly, "It's Ash Wednesday? F***! What am I going to give up?"

Now, he doesn't curse that much, as far as I can tell, but at the same time, after he said that, oh, how I wanted to suggest swearing.


Today was the day that we found out who will be an RA next year. Closer will be; Mistake's an alternate, which means that she'd make a perfectly good RA but they don't have enough spaces, so she'll be an RA if someone decides that they don't want to.

Loquatia also got an acceptance letter. This is kinda surprising for her, because she wasn't expecting it. She keeps telling me that she's not sure if she wants to do it, but I'm gonna assume that she will. I think it's a good opportunity and she'll like it.

My letter was smaller than theirs, in true college-acceptance style. Yeah, no luck. I'm not RA material. I guess I shouldn't care so much about yet another job rejection, I get them all the time. At least it's not like they're rejecting my personali-- oh, wait. That's right. The whole point of the RA interviews was that they accept you based on your personality. So my personality was totally rejected.

Or, at least, the fact that the hall director was a communications major, and while I can be quite eloquent on paper/computer screen and in speech, when I don't stammer or lisp, my body language is saying something entirely different from my mouth.



I went to yoga today, since my knee's feeling better. It was fine (though I am very out of shape). I'll try dance next week.


So I actually had an intellectual conversation over AIM today, and it wasn't either for a class or as a joke (the latter happens more than you'd think). See, this guy I "met" (quotations on account of never meeting him face-to-face) on Facebook asked me if I'd like to swap novels with him, so they can be critically analyzed prior to publication (which is a lot more likely for his than mine, but yeah). He sent me one of his novels, The Ballad of Red Layla, and I sent him some short stories on account of not having checked over my first novel well enough and not wanting to send it if it contained elements that I know I don't want to keep.

First thing I noticed, just from looking over his work: He's a really good writer. It reads like the sort of thing one picks up at Barnes and Nobles. Second thing I noticed: Were I to pick this work up at Barnes and Nobles, I'd probably buy it, on account of it being a cool story in a genre I like (sci-fi). This makes reading it critically a lot more interesting.

Anyway, so the conversation. At first we were just talking about our writing styles and the pieces we're working on, and a little bit about publication (He's attempting to get his first work published). We kinda switched over to complaining about anime versus the merits of superpowered chicks in skimpy costumes... The interesting part was after a break to call Mistake and lament over the unfairness of Closer getting the RA job and us not because they need more guys but mostly girls apply (though she can't really complain, they didn't actually reject her).

We talked about literary analysis, and literary value versus value to the reader. We talked about books that we have. We even talked about religion for a while. It was kind of neat to have a serious, interesting conversation with someone whose opinions I don't already know. As fascinating as conversations with Mistake can get, I can usually guess what she'll say, because I know her so well. It's kinda cool to talk with someone I don't know and whose answers I can't predict.

Especially if they actually use full sentences on AIM.

But it's really rare, and kind of cool, to talk with an almost complete stranger about religion and have them not get all high-horse and huffy, and have them genuinely be curious as to what I believe.

I mentioned this to Loquatia, and how cool it was that I actually got to have an intellectual conversation with someone I've never met in person (even if it did mean I didn't get that English assignment done). She asked me what he looked like (...yeah, I didn't get it either). I told her honestly that I didn't know. And I must say, I'm oddly pleased that I really don't care.

I Am Jean Grey

Although my fate is often unknown, I always seem to survive (even after death).
Except that at this point in both the comics and the movies, Jean's definitely dead. And her boyfriend in the comics is sleeping with a really hot, rich blond.
My mind is my greatest weapon, literally!
Second greatest weapon would be my abnormally colored hair, or my smokin' hot modeling body despite grueling workouts that should make me look like She-Hulk.

Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

*...don't ask.

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