Wednesday, February 7, 2007

"He who hurries can not walk with dignity"

Today is sacred to the god Favonius, the gentle western wind. His Greek counterpart is Zephyrus. He was associated with plants and flowers. I have no idea why he has a holy day in the middle of February.


So... it didn't go away. The knee pain, that is. I went to the doctor today. Got there about seven minutes early and expected to wait, but they ushered me right on in, and I got into the exam room before 11:15. This is good, I thought. I'll be able to get out of here and eat lunch before Bio lab.

But, no. Heaven forbid a Wednesday go well for me. No, I waited there for twenty-five minutes before the doctor came in. Then she looked at my knee, determined that it was swollen and tender, and then bent it-- and it released this "cr-cr-cr-crACK!" noise that sounded like a very loud version of cracking knuckles. Meanwhile the kneecap itself popped up, a few millimeters higher than it had been previously, and then settled down into the groove again. The look on her face was priceless-- she'd never felt that happen before. "Well, that's not normal," she declared.

She said that while that felt like a ligament snapping, the soreness and swelling seemed like a sprain or something. So in other words... she has no idea. Great. I'm supposed to ice it and take Motrin for the swelling, and they x-rayed it just in case, and I've got the ace bandage to stabilize the joint and crutches to keep off it in the hopes that it will heal if I don't pester it. I can handle all of that except the crutches. I take back what I said yesterday about limping around campus being miserable-- it's nothing compared to trying to cross slush-covered sidewalks on crutches. Besides, the crutches hurt my arms, and I'm usually exhausted by the time I get there... And then there's the stairs. I have grown to hate stairs in a very short amount of time.

Also... dining halls. The dining halls are not exactly handicap-friendly. Have you ever tried to carry a tray while on crutches? Yeah, not happening. I managed dinner today, using just one crutch, but I was precariously balancing things and holding the tray in one hand, petrified it would all fall. So tomorrow I need to get up at 6:30 to make sure I can go to breakfast with Loquatia, this one time-- Friday she doesn't have to get up to work, and this weekend I'm planning on getting a whole mess of Ramen/cereal/milk-type supplies so I can eat in the dorm if I can't find anyone to escort me to the dining hall. Fabulous.

And I had to call my parents, to let them know, lest I arrive home this weekend or next on crutches and offer them an unfortunate surprise... Mummy seems much more concerned about this than I am, naturally.


Oh, and I found this. It amuses me muchly, since it's basically a mockery of religion... "WikiWrit: The Holy Book Anyone Can Edit!" Of course, this is funny because humans have been "editing" their holy books for years, which is why you really have to read them in the original language. This joke religion is just a little more obvious about it. It's fun. There are enchanted hobos.

I Am 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that I'm weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

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Make A Mistake 06 said...

With the exception of saturday night, I'm gonna be around all weekend and wouldn't mind helping you get your meals or whatever.