Tuesday, February 6, 2007

"You are a Person of Culture."

If you get a chance, go over to Mistake's blog and offer your condolences. Her grandmother passed away a few days ago (I was going to mention it yesterday, but I wanted to wait until she actually posted something about it in case there was some reason she didn't want me to).

It's always hard to loose someone you love, and we all need a little extra support when it happens.


Have you ever wandered around a big college campus wearing an ace bandage on your knee, making it hard to bend that joint? Because I have. And it is MISERABLE. Plus the snow has turned to slippery slush, and since I have limited mobility, I'm petrified of falling and actually hurting myself, as opposed to this silly fake-hurt that I still totally expect to be gone by the time I show up at the doctor's tomorrow, though it hurt like crazy when I walked to the shower this morning.

Anyway, yes. Petrified of falling and hurting myself, so I was wearing my snow boots, for the traction, so with my knee mostly mobilized and my ankle almost completely so, that leg was pretty much useless, and I was dragging it around all day. The only thing worse would be crutches, because I'm on the third floor. And there's no elevator. Maritima suggested I take the dumbwaiter if I have issues with stairs, but then we thought about it, and besides the fact that I don't think the dumbwaiter is even turned on except at the beginning and end of the semester to move heavy stuff, I'm pretty sure that would be ridiculously scary. I mean... it's not even approved for humans.... I'm pretty sure I'd be better off risking the stairs.

My Life Is Worth...


Hey, that's only like seven years at the lowest possible salary I'll have as a physician!

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