Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stormin' Yer Brain

We're supposed to write a paper for English on "a significant event in your life, but preferably one which does not have an immediate significance that's obviously apparent and one which you don't even understand the significance of when you start writing." Wait-- if I don't understand the significance of it, how do I know it's significant at all?

But I brainstormed. I can't pick any of the really significant moments in my life because they're too personal, and the significance is too obvious. So here are my ideas:

-My fourth birthday party, which I mostly remember from stories but which I have two vivid images of-- climbing up next to my ailing grandmother in her nursing-home bed to have her help me blow out the candles on my M&M cake, and getting chastised by my mother for playing with the wheelchair.

-When my mother discovered that I thought "that's gay" meant "that's stupid" and she sat me down and explained to me about homosexuality and tolerance

-Getting my mouth washed out with soap for saying "that sucks" when I was eleven

-The daughter of Miss Martha, my daycare lady, telling me about the concept of reincarnation as we cleaned up Cheerios that were spilled on the kitchen floor, then making a sandwich with three slices of bread so it was extra big

-My now-friend, at the time just an annoying kid at daycare who was way too smart for his own good, teaching me to play chess and not explaining all the rules, so he could surprise me with them and he'd win

-Shrewd and the other older kids at Miss Martha's making fun of me, so I cried and they called me a crybaby, and left me behind on the front lawn when they went off and played together

-The first time I wrote a story about a mutant, when I was eight, and how I showed it to my grandmother and she was shocked that I'd even be interest in things like that, since I didn't seem like the type (heh)

-Going to a Catholic mass with a friend in second grade, and then afterward having my mother tell me why she didn't believe in Jesus.

Loquatia votes for the fourth birthday. Opinions?


Make A Mistake 06 said...

Personally, I vote for the forth birthday because the image of three young children crashing their grandmother's wheelchair into the wall is slightly amusing.

*please note, it was not the grandmother, but rather the children that were occupying the wheelchair*<--I'm not completely insensitive

Basiorana said...

hee hee