Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome, 2007!!!

Happy New Year, everyone.

I have to say that for me, New Year's Eve is the only time of the year more depressing than Valentine's Day. New Year's Day is fine, there's the family party and much fun all around, and I think of it more as a family time. But New Year's Eve, everyone's out celebrating with their special someones, or at least their friends. I spent my New Year's, like always, watching the ball drop with my immediate family and my grandmother and drinking sparkling cider. The Brother wasn't even there, since he has a girlfriend to go to parties with and kiss when the ball drops.

I guess it could be said to be an indication of my year to come, but that's depressing. Instead I've decided to review the past year, and make some resolutions...

This Year's Accomplishments

-I went to Italy for a week
-I got accepted into several schools and wait listed at a couple more
-I went to my Senior Prom
-I graduated high school in the top 20% of my class
-I had my first real relationship and my first kiss
-I started my first year of college
-I learned to set goals for myself and attain them in handling my social issues
-I lost 20 lbs
-I learned to tolerate my brother
-I got my first job that I had to actually interview for
-I stopped taking medication and remain very stable and normal

Actually, a pretty eventful year for me. Ah, the joys of being young. Much more stuff happens to you. As in, your Christmas cards don't have to be sleep aids.

BUT I need to make resolutions, since it's tradition.

My Resolutions

-Loose the remaining 10 lbs or so I need to loose in order to be at a normal, healthy weight, and keep it off until the next time I write resolutions
-Get a job or an internship over the summer
-Get involved in clubs or organizations during the school year
-Have a long conversation with a stranger without getting nervous
-Keep my grades up

Then there's the things that I'd like to happen to me but I can't really control whether or not they occur, like having my second real relationship, or hell, having a guy whistle at me when I walk by, whatever. My expectations drop precipitously for each day I'm not dating someone... And staying off the medication. I'd really, really like to not have to go back on my meds.

Well, Happy New Year, everyone. Looking over the past year, I'm reminded that maybe life isn't as bad as I think sometimes. Hopefully 2007 is a very, very good year.


Closerb4 said...

That's quite the year you had Kari. Here's to hoping the next one is perhaps not as eventful, but maybe just as memorable. *salud*

Sean Carter said...

Well 2006 is gone and this is a fresh start for all of us...and that's quite a year you had...well let's all hope that this new year is filled with happiness and prosperity for all of us...and since this is a new begining you just might spend Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve with someone special...on that note also drop by my blog sometime and share some of the love and romance it's filled up visit son and do share your thoughts!!!