Sunday, January 21, 2007


For a long time (I don't know if she still does this, but she did) Mistake had one away message that she put up whenever she was upset about something. It was an excellent warning.

Away messages and buddy profiles are usually either funny, supposed to be funny, random and peppered with internet jargon and references to friends, or filled with song lyrics in an attempt to be deep. I think the choice of a buddy profile says a lot about a person, so I check them every once in a while. Today Loquatia, Mistake, Closer and I were eating at Hoco and a guy we used to hang out with at the beginning of the year showed up. He's usually one to domineer the conversation, but he seemed rather... subdued. So I was curious, and I check his buddy profile...

"There's nothing quite so vicious as a lover, unless you count the terminally ill, with whom they share many unpleasant characteristics. Both are selfish; withdrawn; manipulative; unstable; reserving all their sweetness for the loved one (or themselves) and turning on their friends like rabid dogs . . . There is a perverse satisfaction in picking at a scab. Lovers do it all the time, seeking out the most intense sources of pain and indulging them, sacrificing themselves again and again for the sake of the loved object with a dogged stupidity that poets have often mistaken for selflessness."

Ooo. Someone's bitter.

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