Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So. Tired.


So last night was ridiculous... I woke up at 4 AM because it was unbearably hot. Off went the covers. Then the problem arose... While I don't tend to get woken up by snoring, it does make it hard to fall asleep, and Loquatia was snoring like crazy. I tried the old standby-- opening the window to try to get her to turn over, away from the cold-- but it failed. Pillow over the head. Turning on my music. Finally I put the music pillow over my head and blasted harp music into my ear. On the upside, I couldn't hear the snoring, but I think I've lost some of my hearing...

Is there a polite and discreet way to get one's roommate to wear those Breathe-Right strips?


Make A Mistake 06 said...

I think your best solution to the breathe right strips delema is to simply place a strip over her nose as she sleep. If she wakes up--simply pretend you're actually sleep walking.

hmmmmmm--not so good, but she might get the hint :-p

Basiorana said...

lol. somehow I doubt that would work.