Friday, January 19, 2007

"Tomatoes, Tomato puree (water, tomato paste), peppers..."*

I skipped yoga today. Because I need a second pair of exercise-suitable pants. Adding that to my shopping list...

Okay, so my pants aren't that dirty and I was being lazy. I think it's allowed, sometimes. Besides, I translated Themistocles instead.

This morning Ajax, the Betta fish who nearly died a few months back but who has recovered nicely, was floating perpendicular to the bottom of the tank. Like...his head was pointing down. I was understandably confused, since I'm pretty sure Bettas aren't supposed to sleep with such radically changed directionals, but I poked the glass and he moved so I figure he's just weird. I can't imagine wanting to sleep with my butt over my head like that. Maybe the extra blood to the brain makes it easier to think?

Of course, in the words of Ann M. Martin, author of The Baby-Sitter's Club and related titles, "I've been sitting down all day. I must have the smartest..."

I can't believe I can quote a line from The Baby-Sitter's Club... and it's that line.


This post is early because I'm going home at 3:00 today and I don't know if I'll feel like writing at home...The internet appears to be down all over campus. This lack of net access is why I ate veggie tortilla chips and mild salsa for lunch instead of something with actual nutritional value and, y'know, a plate.

It was annoying.

But my dorm has internet access and electricity, unlike Stoke Hall, where Mistake was regaled with the sounds of many young women screaming in shock as the hot water died. Wow... so glad I'm not them.


Off to Latin, then home to retrieve all the stuff I was supposed to bring last time...

*No fortune cookie. This is the label of my salsa container.

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