Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dentists and freezing rain

Every once in a while I experience a true fluke of nature and have a good hair day. My hair curls and waves just right to look sexy and smooth but not flat or boring. This usually happens right after I get it cut, especially if the cut is good. And I got my hair cut just a few days ago. So today, I had one of those great hair days.

Guess what I did today.

I watched TV.

Curse you, Fate!

I left the house for a total of ten minutes today- I walked outside with my clothing boxes and prepared to head off to school, and promptly slipped and fell down the front steps, coated as they were with a thin layer of ice. The boxes sprawled across the walk as my dad, who'd been holding the door open, tried to ascertain if I had broken anything important. I didn't, thankfully, I just have a nice big bump and a bruise on my knee. But needless to say, my parents were not about to let me drive on my own up to Durham.

I was planning on driving on my own because I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow, courtesy of Poor Planning. So I was to drive up, set up the room with Loquatia tonight, and then head back tomorrow for the dentist, then have my dad drive me back to school and drop me off. This did not happen. The weather's supposed to be worse tomorrow, and it's not going to clear up until Tuesday morning.

Luckily, there are no classes tomorrow for MLK Day. And Tuesday follows a normal Tuesday schedule, which means, for me, no classes (Labs won't start for a couple weeks). So it's not only possible, it's a good idea for me to wait until Tuesday to have my dad drop me off. I think I have an appointment with Mimi on Tuesday, though, which is kinda inconvenient... Seems like Daddy and I will leave early, drop me and the rug I need to get soon off, I'll settle in until it's time to go, and then I'll head over to Dover.

I hate freezing rainstorms. I hate the fact that my leg still hurts, and I can't get in touch with my roommate to let her know not to expect me until Tuesday morning and ask her to inform anyone else who asks the same, like, I don't know, the RA or something, and I hate the fact that I was actually ready to go and I couldn't go and tomorrow I have to drive to the dentist's office in the freezing rain...

But instead of feeling bummed about all that, I've decided to focus on the least problematic of my problems, thus giving me reason to whine without actually having to think about actual issues.

Damn it, I hate having good hair when I'm trapped in the house!

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