Monday, January 22, 2007

Technicolor Dreams

Last night I dreamed I was at a society wedding, with lots of tuxedos. The groom and the bride, in true Romeo-and-Juliet fashion, were from opposing sides of a family feud but the families had agreed to put aside their differences for the sake of the wedding. Nevertheless, there was a lot of concern about someone starting a fight, so there were several undercover agents scattered about. Still, no one saw when a man- who wasn't a member of either family- set off the timer on a bomb in the corner. Luckily one of the agents noticed and deactivated the bomb, but not before it was seen by a member of the groom's family. Amidst cries of foul play, the men of both sides drew their ceremonial swords (whose idea was it to have ceremonial swords- sharpened ceremonial swords- at a wedding between two warring families?) and prepared to battle. Then my alarm clock went off.

I was kind of bummed. I wanted to see that sword fight.

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