Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today I learned that rugs are EXPENSIVE

My trip home was mercifully brief; I say mercifully because my brother got his wisdom teeth out yesterday and was in pain (and still groggy from the anesthesia), my mom was recovering from a bug and was in pain, and my sister had her teeth cleaned and was in pain because of premature tooth decay or something. Anyway, all that pain under one roof is not my preference. Besides, I really didn't want to start out the semester going home.

So last night Shrewd picked me up and took me shopping for clothes- I needed PJs and exercise pants- and then we all watched a Jake 2.0 marathon on SciFi (Shrewd and I have decided that Jake is exactly like all our male friends would be like if they got superpowers). Our family bonding time tends to be dorky things like watching science fiction television shows that were vastly underrated. Or just science fiction television shows. We're not that picky.

This morning we went to TJ's for breakfast (sans the Brother, who is on soft foods only) and then Daddy and I went shopping. After a quick stop at Staples (where I got a new bookshelf, on which I can showcase my literary nature and look like a total bibliophile- SWEET) it was Rug Buying Time.

I have never bought a rug before. This is said in my defense. I arrived there wight a vague idea of the shape and layout of the room and measurements of the area I wanted to cover, not thinking that- duh- they're going to have rugs in set sizes, and I shouldn't assume that my size was one of them. I wanted an 11'by 4' rug. Yeah, that was going to happen. After much debate we settled on a 5'x8' rug and a smaller runner for the door, and then I pointed to the one I liked, and Daddy pointed to the price, smiled, and said, "Let's keep it under $150." Which I did. The rug I got was $80. You can see the pattern (if not the shape) at left. That purchased, I got my stuff from home and we left. There was supposed to be a windstorm this afternoon and Daddy was worried about getting caught driving in it. We managed to get up here, wash the floor (that was... ew), and confirm that the rug fit okay early enough that it wasn't bad weather when Daddy headed home.

I didn't forget anything at home this time. That was awesome! Then I realized that I forgot something in Daddy's car (poster board) and the didn't-forget-anything bubble was burst. Bummer. Oh well, I can get poster board at Brooks, and Novocaine-boy can use the stuff I got. I just wanted to put some backing on my character sketches and put them up on the wall. Not because I think they're like, amazing or anything (which I totally do. No, just kidding. I like how they came out, though), but because I want something on our walls. I already put up my X-men poster but they're still very white and boring.

And I can even make more character sketches to fill up more space, because I found my awesome sketching pencils. Nice.

So, ignoring the scathing angry email my mom just sent me regarding the state of the bathroom back home, a pretty good day...


Anonymous said...

Yes, rugs are in fact expensive-but what is more expensive is the living space to put them in. Hope yours is a nice one.

Basiorana said...

Well, it's a dorm room... "nice is relative.