Monday, January 22, 2007

"Someone you care about seeks reconciliation"

This is interesting. Apparently there was a Hellenistic Pagan ceremony at the ancient Temple of Zeus in Athens. There's a ban on having organized activities there, because it's so old, but the worshipers didn't actually try to go into the temple, so they weren't stopped. They just dressed in ancient costumes and prayed and poured libations. One of the priestesses told a reporter afterwards that "We are Greeks and we demand from the government the right to use our temples."

Uhm... Hold on. I'm all for the revival of the Greek religion, fine. That's your prerogative. But those temples aren't really yours. They're not really even sacred now. I mean, they kinda lost their sacred nature when they were a) ransacked by invaders, b) knocked over by Roman Christians, c) turned into the spot for vacationing society women who wanted to practice sketching architecture, and then d) turned into tourist attractions where you can buy an "Athens, Greece" snow globe for way too much money.

I'm pretty sure Zeus doesn't really want it anymore. It doesn't even have a cult statue. The ancient Greeks would have considered it sacrilegious to have a ceremony in a temple that was that old and run-down, as it doesn't properly honor the god. So like, go ahead, have your ceremonies, but build your own damn temple, and make it a nice one. Gaudy, like the originals. Lots of gold leaf and garish paint. Might want to use fake ivory though, considering how much of it was used in the original...


We've now had three Latin classes, and we're still working on Themistocles. Guess how far we got in the translation. Three sentences. And the first one was "Themistocles, son of Neocles, an Athenian." And they're not even like Cicero's sentences that go on for a paragraph, it was one sentence with one clause and it took us almost two classes to go over it. I'm all for learning about sentence structure, but really. Hopefully this class will be like the Classical Mythology class I took with the same professor last semester, and will pick up later on. I'm just frustrated...

I've officially added that class, I took care of that today. I just have to meet with him for an extra half-hour on Fridays.


Bubbly Senior Girl in my Latin class has decided that Blue Eyes, the guy she sits next to who has very blue eyes, is the Best Dressed Guy on campus. She announced this before class today. This is a common theme, as he actually dresses like he cares how he dresses and Bubbly Girl is definitely a fan of caring. Blue Eyes seemed rather startled by sudden festooning of an award but he accepted graciously. This is what he gets for being one of only two guys in a Latin class, and the only one who was also with us last semester when he was one of only three. He's very patient though.

I still have difficulty looking him in the eyes.


I had a conference with my English professor today, discussing that paper describing a scene. I didn't use the one I posted, though, I wrote another one, about talking with Loquatia in her sleep. It came out rather well. There were a couple of points I need to work on, but she said overall it was good, funny and kept her attention. I was rather pleased.


They had GIANT COOKIES for dessert today. This meant I was very bad and had one. But I haven't been eating that much and I mean, come on, GIANT COOKIES.

I may write more later, but I have my INCO class- the Healthcare Seminar- tonight. It's the first class so I have to leave early or I'll get lost on the way there.

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