Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sheldon is always appropriate.

Today is a day honoring Mens, who is the goddess of the mind and consciousness, and if your first thought was of menstruation, don't worry, it was mine too.

If not, then, uhm... You heard nothing.


Not much to say today, as it's late. I just got back from Ryter's at 1, we watched Deep Impact and Volcano, both of which boast minimal science (well, Deep Impact is at least mildly feasible, if incredibly unlikely), and generally rotted our brains, then repaired them with a deep and meaningful discussion.

Report: I got a 75 on the ACS exam, so I have an 86 in Chem lecture. I will take the final but I won't study for it until after my Bio test on Thursday.

I got a 97 on the Bio presentation today. Thus, clearly, it went well. Hilarious, but some of the kids read off note cards the whole time so we lost some points. At least everyone showed up and was prepared, and I collected the bills from everyone and my professor had me distribute the repayment, which was in Sacajawea and Susan B. Anthony dollars. This made me giggle, and think of this:

He's also decided the test will be open note, but no handouts allowed. Alas, the margins of my handouts is where I took my notes, so I have to recopy stuff.

Now, the bed calls to me....

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