Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some dude gave me "one last chance" to save the world today. Hmm.

Today is the Ambarvalia, an agricultural fertility rite in honor of Ceres/Demeter. They took a bull, a sow, and a sheep and led them in procession three times around the fields before the sacrifice.


Ryter and I went into Harvard Square today, since he had an appointment with his psychiatrist down there anyway. He picked me up a little late and we spent the next half hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic along I-93, thanks to the stupid highway committee that okay'd the painting of middle-of-the-highway lines in the middle of the day.

But we arrived, I read Calvin and Hobbes for forty minutes when he talked to his psychiatrist (who I kinda wanted to see-- didn't, but wanted to-- because apparently he looks like Maury), and then we wandered around and looked at stuff. Ryter got a chair with a giant British flag on it and a nifty ice thingy... It's an ice tray that makes a big block of ice with channels in it, so you pour the drink into the channel and it travels down over the ice into your cup. Both of those were from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and he was totally asked to be in a rap video by some random dude who liked his shirt. Because those rap videos, they LOVE the pasty Jewish kids. I mean, really.

We ate dinner at the Malaysian restaurant and I was adventurous, and while adventures related to coconut drinks are rather unpleasant when you get sugar shock from one sip, adventures in duck and veggie clay pots are pretty tasty, though the bones were annoying. Tasted delicious though. If you go to Harvard Square, go to Penang. It's interesting food.

Then we headed back to my town to hang out in the apple orchards and get ice cream from the little ice cream stand by the duck pond. Ryter had a duck eat duck food right out of the container and we had ice cream and then we just sat out by the pond by the cemetery (not IN the cemetery) and talked and watched for satellites. We were careful to avoid the other parked car, which we presumed contained 1 matched set of young people "making out," and by "making out" I'm offering a euphemism for "screwing their brains out." Or maybe, y'know, talking. But we like to assume the funniest of people.

But it was a very good day, and while for some reason we were completely incapable of kissing successfully on the first try without one of us tripping or bonking the other on the nose (I blame uneven ground), we got to talk about a lot of things-- some fairly important ones. And while I shouldn't really talk about it here, I'm guessing I will write a looong private journal entry tomorrow.

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ian said...

Sometimes everything just goes right in a day, and that makes it a great time. Even if you keep failing your initial Kissing skill check, it can be overlooked.

Glad you had a good time.