Friday, May 25, 2007

It helps when someone spilled jam in it

Today wasn't that exciting; I dropped off the applications and grabbed one more from Lane Bryant; I didn't notice their sign before. I'm actually hesitant to apply on account of one of the women working there seemed a little... brusque? She seemed like she was constantly in a rush and while she was helpful, she was like "Oh it's here now I'm going back to work over there." Which is okay, it's just not what I normally expect. I was kinda skittish about working there consequently, but I'm guessing it's more a long, busy day side effect than a sign that I would be unhappy there. I have the application.

The only issue with job-hunting is the clothes. Even when I'm not interviewing, just dropping off or picking up applications, I need to wear professional clothes because sometimes the managers come out and talk to you right then, and you have to look hireable, which for me means skirt (too hot for pants) and blouse. It's sticky and hot and vexing.


We also had a Family Game Night and played Life, which I won. The thing is, I only won because I gambled everything and was victorious. Life lesson: It's okay if you're poor going into retirement, just gamble everything on a whim and you can win, as long as you remember that the spinner always sticks on 1.


Closerb4 said...

I always liked monopoly better than Life, but maybe that's just me. :-P

Basiorana said...

Monopoly requires a little more skill, this is true.